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Stoptech Rear Premium High-Carbon CyroStop Rotor Ford Bronco

Stoptech Rear Premium High-Carbon CyroStop Rotor Ford Bronco

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For drivers who need something even tougher than a standard StopTech Sport rotor, but are not ready for a big brake kit, StopTech offers cryogenically treated Cryo rotors.

Cryogenic treatment is a one-time stress relief process that involves both cold and heat cycling of the brake rotor. Using a proprietary computer-controlled process over a 24-hour period, the cryo machine gradually cools the rotors down to -300 º F, then gradually brings them up to over +300º F, and finally back to room temperature.

This conditioning of the rotor improves its service life, especially in fleet and emergency vehicle applications.

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2021+ Ford Bronco Sport
2021+ Ford Bronco Base
2021+ Ford Bronco First Edition
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