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2021 Ford Bronco Snorkel (Coming Soon)

2021 Ford Bronco Snorkel (Coming Soon)

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You have probably noticed those funny looking black plastic tubes mounted by the windshield on extreme off-road vehicles. Called "the snorkel," this is a straightforward but life-saving modification, mandatory if you plan to drive your 2021 Bronco in deep water or the desert. The snorkel mounts directly to your intake system and makes sure that your engine receives the fresh air from the highest point possible, which is the top of the windshield. This way, you will avoid killing your engine if you go in deep water or clogging your air filter if you drive in clouds of dust. 

Regardless of what engine option you have on your 2021 Bronco or Bronco Sport, we have a snorkel system for you. Easy to install and perfectly designed, this simple but significant upgrade will give you peace of mind in extreme conditions knowing that you are protected even if the water starts leaking in the interior. 

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