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Roush R Series Cold Air Intake Ford Bronco

Roush R Series Cold Air Intake Ford Bronco

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One of the first modifications that almost all owners do to their vehicles is the Cold Air Kits. This Roush cold air intake is easy to install and affordable. Cold air kits replace your factory air filter and airbox with an aftermarket unit designed to provide your engine with more air thus producing more power.

The power gain is small, but the vehicle will develop a somewhat faster throttle response time and will give you that nice turbo spooling noise everyone wants. Due to the less restrictive intake system, you will also see a slight increase in fuel efficiency. 

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  • High-capacity air filtration system
  • See-through window
  • Enhanced turbo sounds
  • Pre-filter included with "R" logo
  • Fits both 2.3L and 2.7L
2021+ Ford Bronco Base
2021+ Ford Bronco First Edition
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