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Top 10 Restomod Broncos That Bridge The Gap Between the Past and the Future

Ever since the first Ford Bronco rolled off the assembly line, this little SUV has become the perfect basis for numerous modifications. Ford encouraged the owners to modify and personalize their Broncos by offering a wide arrange of accessories and components. However, modified Broncos evolved into something more advanced, more capable, and way cooler than just an ordinary Bronco with a lift kit and few stickers.

Welcome to the world of fully modified, custom-built, and restomoded Broncos. These aren't your ordinary classic Broncos with a new paint job and shiny wheels. No, these are completely reengineered, extremely capable, and gorgeous vehicles, built from the ground up. Before the Stinger 911s and other highly publicized restomod cars, several highly dedicated companies started producing special Broncos that only resembled the original models but featured all new technology, engines, and performance.

Today, we will feature the best of them, and before we dig into the subject, we have to tell you that each of these beautiful machines is, unfortunately, extremely expensive and way beyond the reach of the average enthusiast.

Velocity Bronco

One of the first companies that started building restomod Broncos was Velocity Restorations out of Pensacola, Florida. The Velocity's program includes restorations as well as responding, and today, we will concentrate on this aspect of their business.

With prices starting at $169,000 and often go over $250k, Velocity uses custom chassis, suspension components, totally re-work the body, and install a modern drive train, equipping the car with modern features as well as making every wish of the customer a reality.

Jay Leno's Bronco

There are restomod Broncos, and there is Jay Leno's dark blue Bronco. Although it looks totally stock from the outside, this fantastic machine hides a 2020 Shelby GT500 supercharged V8 with 760 hp under the hood, custom chassis, special suspension, and brand-new interior.

The company called LGE - CTS Motorsports did most of the work on this car, and it is incredible how they managed to keep everything looking stock and still pack such a mighty engine in the relatively small engine bay of classic Bronco.


If you are a Bronco enthusiast, you probably know about ICON BR. Created by Jonathan Ward, a Californian entrepreneur with a taste for bespoke machines, ICON BR is a resto-modded Bronco built to the highest standards.

It may look like a classic Bronco from the outside, but it's a thoroughly modern machine with a brand new 5.0-liter V8, trick suspension, and custom interior and state-of-the-art components. The only problem is the price. If you want an ICON BR, it starts at $190,000, but ICON had produced over 100 cars so far.

Classic Ford Bronco

CFB has one of the most beautiful Broncos on sale, and each of their gorgeous creations has an "Americana-inspired" name, perfect paint, and stance.

Apart from other similar companies, CFB is not afraid to produce cars that enthusiastic owners will drive on the most challenging trails and test the very limits of components and craftsmanship. The great thing about their site is the classic Ford Bronco configurator so that you can build your own dream machine.

Gateway Bronco

Gateway Bronco looks like a perfect restoration job at first, but under the shiny paint, there is a special, custom-made chassis, unique suspension components, and impressive craftsmanship.

Not to forget that brand-new Ford's 5.0-liter Coyote engine powers every Gateway Bronco. But even at 460 hp produced by stock 5.0, Gateway offers a Roush 5.0 with supercharger and over 600 hp delivered to all four wheels.

 Zero Labs Bronco

Even though the classic Bronco everybody modifies were made between 1966 and 1977, it didn't escape the electric vehicle revolution. The Zero Labs engineers had decided to make an electric Bronco, and we kind of like it.

It looks slightly modernized with unique wheels, but the real trick is electric motors and over 235 miles of range. The sales start next year, and prices start at $185,000 for steel-bodied Bronco, but if you want a carbon-fiber one, expect to pay at least double.

Maxlider Bronco

Maxlider Brothers would be considered just another Bronco restoration shop that occasionally does some custom work if it wasn't for their unique 4-door Bronco restomod.

Ford never produced a 4-door classic Bronco, but this company thought it should and decide to make it a reality. Using a custom stretch chassis, top-of-the-line engine and suspension components, and extra pair of doors, Maxlider Bronco is a real show stopper.

Kelly-Moss Bronco

Contrary to some high-tech builds, Kelly-Moss Bronco is a simpler, more straightforward restomod which shows that you don't need a lot of money and a whole team of builders to create a cool and unique machine.

Based on the 1977 model, this Bronco uses a 5.0-liter V8 motor but borrowed from a classic Foxbody Mustang. Even though it is not as powerful as modern Ford engines, this old H.O. is still more potent than the V8 originally came in this car.

Nick's Tricks Bronco 

With enormous experience in restorations of classic Broncos, Nick's Tricks products look almost factory fresh even though they hid a lot of custom details, suspension components, and upgraded interior.

Of course, there is a new V8 under the hood and custom touches that complement this model's original design and appearance.

Vintage Broncos 

One of the best-known restoration and restomod outfits in the country is Vintage Broncos, based in Georgia. So far, the Vintage Broncos have been featured in various publications and are a popular choice amongst enthusiasts.

With the base built starting at $89,000, they are amongst the more affordable, as well. All Vintage Broncos feature special suspension, disc brakes, modern V8, and custom interior, besides numerous other custom details and parts.

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