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The Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo | Combining Adventure and Learning for New Bronco Owners

The Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo | Combining Adventure and Learning for New Bronco Owners

Looking for a great way to not only hone and add to your skills from behind the wheel of a new Ford Bronco but also to connect with others who share your same passion for the model? And to do all of that in one of 4 ultra-scenic locations? Your chance has arrived in the form of the Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo.

Just what is the Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo? Produced by Michigan-based Adventure ORX on behalf of Ford, it’s billed by its creator as an “off roading and outdoor adventure playground,” and mixes pure fun with education. But rest assured there are no traditional classrooms involved here, though.

Now scheduled to take place in 4 different locations, The Off-Roadeo is an immersive recreational and learning experience where new Ford Bronco owners will actually get the chance to develop their off-roading skills and confidence behind the wheel via instruction from automotive professionals who will impart their knowledge in real world conditions.

Imagine the sense of confidence that would inspire as you take delivery of your own Bronco and then maybe even further equip it with aftermarket parts to up its adventure potential.

At this point, you may well be asking yourself, “Well, who WOULDN’T want to be a part of that?” To keep this unique learning opportunity from being overly crowded and to properly reward off-roading enthusiasts for making such a wise choice of vehicle selection, participation in the Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo will be limited to those who purchase a 2021 Ford Bronco, Bronco Sport Badlands, or Bronco Sport First Edition.

If you fall into that group, you’ll have the opportunity to avail yourself of a singular experience, where you’ll learn to take full advantage of your Ford Bronco’s numerous off-road capabilities — such as its considerable ground clearance — and develop your ability to properly pick a line through rough terrain, among countless other overlanding skills.

What Goes on at the Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo?

At each of the locations, over the course of about a day and a half, new Bronco owners will experience a combination of adventure, instruction and sense of community. They’ll be driving on purpose-built roads specially designed to provide a real world backdrop as they learn all about their vehicle’s substantial array of overlanding features. Industry professionals will also teach specialized driving techniques, such as 1-Pedal Drive, 4H/4L operation and the proper use of the Terrain Management System.

While venturing out from behind the wheel of their Broncos, attendees will learn how to properly equip their off-road vehicle based on the planned expedition — this includes the proper implementation of recovery straps, tow ropes, winches and other commonly encountered off-roading gear.  Instructors will also discuss the principles of safe rigging, use of attachment points, proper gear maintenance and stowage.

It’s Not Just About Learning

While attendees will come away from the Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo with valuable new knowledge, a greater off-roading skill level and an enhanced appreciation of their new vehicle, not to mention a bolstered level of self-confidence that’s bound to serve them well during real-world expedition, the emphasis isn’t all on learning. These unique events are also community builders that will afford the chance to sit around the campfire with like-minded people after a day of adventure — those with an appreciation of both the great outdoors and the Ford Bronco.

There will also be a lot of opportunities for a deep dive into a real overlanding experience — at each location there will be plenty more activities to take part in, including mountain biking, hiking and, in some cases, even rafting tours. This will create a parallel to the experiences so many of us seek — you won’t just be passing through but will get the chance to do some actual exploring of these scenic areas.

Time to Act Will Be Limited

Compelling as it is, though, this opportunity won’t last forever. Those lucky enough to qualify will have one calendar year from the date of delivery to register for and attend the event held at their choice of one of four locations throughout the U.S. Additional reservations for “plus ones” will be available to purchase on a first-come, first-serve basis. At the time of this writing, the registration fee was still being determined.

The selected locations are incredibly appealing on their own, even with no such special event planned. They’re tailor-made for off-roading adventure and all will make the perfect backdrop for this one-of-a-kind experience.

They include:

  • Austin, Texas — or about an hour outside of it, to be exactly. This was the first announced location for the Off-Roadeo and it features acres and acres of picturesque ranchland. Choose this site and you may well also see the namesakes of your car galloping off in the distance.
  • Moab, Utah — This is an inspiring choice, considering its magnetic scenery and long standing as a virtual mecca for off-roading -- something we pointed out in a previous post. Add to that the fact that Moab served as a testing ground for the Bronco and you’ll conclude that it was darned near destiny for Moab to serve as one of the chosen locations.
  • Vermont – Many of us associate log cabins and Ben & Jerry’s with this part of the country, but it’s got plenty to recommend it to off-roaders. Here, attendees will perfect their knowledge and skill on a plethora of private roads, many of which are labeled as Class 4 by their home state — meaning they’re passable but not maintained. A not so well-kept secret lies in the fact that Vermont offers a LOT of terrain to explore — there are nearly 9,000 miles of dirt road within the state’s boundaries. An added plus here is the surrounding scenery, as the forested land in the distance is bound to leave a long-lasting impression.
  • Nevada – This one will take place in the desert outside of Las Vegas, which is often the first image conjured up when Nevada is mentioned. But the state offers far more than lavish buffets and games of chance — it features more than 300 mountain ranges, which is more than any other state. And, like Moab, this desert area has a long and storied motorsports history, as it’s been the setting for countless Baja-style races over the years.

Can't wait to take delivery of your new Bronco and be a part of this? We totally understand. And, of course, we look forward to being your Ford Bronco aftermarket parts source once you do. 


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