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5 Awesome Custom Classic Bronco Interiors

5 Awesome Custom Classic Bronco Interiors

Throughout its first lengthy 30-year production run, the exterior of the Ford Bronco has taken on a number of looks —the original boxy, stout appearance of the initial generation, the elongated wheelbase of the second, then a gradual and subtle shortening over time, until eventually coming somewhat full circle, as the Bronco Sport and the soon to arrive 2 and 4-door Broncos pay quite a bit of aesthetic homage to their counterparts of the ’60s.

But as much as changes in exterior styling will always grab our attention, there’s no minimizing the importance of the interior — after all, that’s your environment once you climb behind the wheel. And while the interiors of nearly all cars, trucks and SUVs have become more opulent and well-appointed over the years, adding distinctive touches inside the doors can be a pretty compelling quest. It’s always a blast to see what the combination of a good eye for detail and stellar workmanship can produce.  

To that end, we’ve compiled a collection of 5 Ford Bronco Interiors that we’d definitely look forward to logging the miles in.


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1. Classic Ford Bronco’s 1966 Bronco Marco Island Edition

This is a driving environment that continues to grow on you the closer you look. It’s not that it’s particularly flashy — there’s actually nothing loud about it — but it just exudes a clean, understated awesomeness. Also, the sheer quality of the workmanship and materials used on this ride really gets our attention. Every component blends perfectly with its surroundings. Classic Ford Broncos really hit a home run with this one.

Climb in and the first thing you’ll likely notice are those front and back seats, with their textured, hand-dyed surfaces. You can tell right away that they’re far more comfortable than what originally occupied their spaces — admittedly not a high bar to get over, as the vehicles of the mid-’60s weren’t known for ergonomic excellence. They’re also just so thoroughly distinctive — absolute standouts not just among other off-roaders, but among any modded classic, regardless of genre.

As you can see, the cover over the center console storage area — as well as the door panels and other interior areas — are upholstered to match. A great finishing touch.

With such inviting seating, a custom-built stereo with seamlessly installed speakers and that wooden steering wheel perched on an IDIDIT column beckoning you to get out on the road (or off-road), who wouldn’t want to spend as much time as possible motoring around in this fine ride?

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2.  Brand New Musclecar’s Classic First Generation Bronco

The term “bespoke”, meaning made for a particular customer or user, tends to be a little overused nowadays, but it certainly holds true here. Operating out of Tulsa, OK, Brand New Musclecar embodies the term — it not only restores classic Broncos, but even builds them from scratch while using new steel bodies.

We’re definitely fans of this interior, with two-tone, richly textured leather covering the seating and door panels, a matching dash cap stretching the expanse of the cabin and a whole host of awesome interior details.


Take a look at all that real estate between seating rows, those accenting inner wheelhouses and that dark wood floor with stainless steel ribbing, the latter is a definite callback to the modded pickup trucks of the ’50s and ’60s.

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3.  Early Ford Broncos 1977 Bronco Beach Edition

Whether plans call for hitting the beach, as the model name suggests, taking an excursion through the mountains or anything else, once you’ve entered this cabin, would you ever want to leave?

Early Ford Broncos’ quality workmanship really grabs your attention — this custom-designed interior is absolutely chock-full of it. You can see that the overall concept calls for a thorough respect for the Bronco’s original sensibilities, so there are no over the top touches to be found here, just pure awesomeness. There’s a set of VR Exclusive Digital gauges sitting in place of the originals and even they look like they thoroughly belong.

 Check out the diamond shaped tuck and roll pattern on the seating, matched by the door panels to either side and mirrored in color by the dash cap.

A Vintage Air system resides under that tranquil blue dash to keep everyone comfortable, the concealed Bluetooth stereo cranks out the tunes via Kicker speakers for plenty of audio punch, and even getting in and out of this beauty creates a memorable experience — there are retractable steps on both sides for easy entry. How cool is that?

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4. Maxlider Bros. NIL8 Bronco Interior

Here’s a different, yet no less appealing take on the creation of a memorable and functional driving environment.

Modern and classic elements are blended seamlessly in this 1974 Bronco, which has the distinction of having placed in the Top 10 of a SEMA Battle of the Builders competition before holding court at the 2019 Detroit Autorama show.

Besides the obvious workmanship on display here, there’s a whole host of top-tier components added to the mix, including custom leather seating and door panels that were created specifically for this ’74 by Twin City Upholstery out of Bloomington, IL. Just beyond that woodgrain steering wheel with its billet center that’s perched on a Flaming River steering column is a set of Classic Instruments gauges, looking very much at home while providing quite a bit more functionality and accuracy than its predecessor.

Blue underdash LED lighting creates a distinctive environment here and, if you take a look around inside, you’ll see that every visual detail has been looked after, down to the perfect fit of that shift boot on the transmission tunnel.

This cockpit has a decidedly more modern influence than some of the others listed, so you’ll also see a sizable flip up touchscreen in place to control several interior functions as well as audio, which pours in via a set of masterfully installed speakers.

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 5. Velocity Restorations 1976 Bronco

Just like Maxlider Bros. these guys are bound to turn up on a lot of “Best of” lists. Velocity, based out of Pensacola, Florida, turns out some great work, as this ’76 ably illustrates.

For those of us who favor high-impact visuals inside the doors, this interior may be a little sedate, but we really like it . . . a lot.

This is an interior that just exudes functionality, comfort and good taste, with Baseball Leather front and back seats, a Dakota Digital Gauge cluster and a Pioneer head unit teaming with a set of Kicker speakers to crank out quality audio.

You’ll probably notice an overall theme common to these interiors — none are anywhere near being “over the top” and all emphasize quality workmanship and materials.  We’ll probably round up some sheer attention grabbers for a future post.

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