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10 Coolest Things About The 2021 Bronco

10 Coolest Things About The 2021 Bronco

As one of the most significant new car releases of 2021, the Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport have been in the spotlight ever since Ford announced this legendary nameplate's return after a 25-year hiatus.

Once again, Bronco assumes its position as Ford's primary off-road model -- designed as a true SUV, not just a lifted station wagon with tough looks and front-wheel drive. The last time we saw a new Bronco, the SUV class still featured some off-road usability and rugged charms. Today, most of the cars in this segment are nothing but lifted sedans with soft suspensions. Thankfully, the Bronco has returned to make things right.

It's evident that Ford invested a lot of time and effort to make the 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport distinct from the rest of the current SUV offerings. With the Jeep Wrangler as its only real competitor, the Bronco is clearly far superior to anything else on the road, regardless of price.

Even the Bronco Sport, which is positioned more as an urban crossover model, manages to be surprisingly capable on the trail. But the again,  we kind of expected it to be, and the fact that Bronco is the new off-road king of Detroit is not so surprising.

We'd like to review just what factors make the new Bronco so cool and  irresistible to Bronco fans worldwide, so here's our list of the top 10 things that do just that. What are yours?

1. Capturing the Essence of The Original Bronco

Most car fans were already thoroughly impressed by the Bronco's retro-futuristic design, classic look, and stance, but the truth is that Ford went to even greater lengths to capture the spirit of the original Bronco.

First, it designed a brand-new platform, just as it did for the original in 1966. Second, it made the model affordable and obtainable to a wide range of customers. Third, it made it tough and capable, just like its ancestors.

We often see car manufacturers reincarnating famous names from the past for modern products that don't live to the heritage. The current Chevrolet Blazer is the perfect example. What was once a tough and capable Bronco competitor, is now essential a "soccer mom express" without any off-road usability. That's why the foremost cool thing about the new 2021 Bronco is that it lives up to tradition and is worthy of its name.

2. The 2021 Bronco Is Full of Cool "Easter Eggs."

Ford knows that the 2021 Bronco is a lifestyle vehicle for the new generation of off-road enthusiasts, but it's also aware of the heritage that comes with this nameplate. That is why the designers tried to incorporate all the design cues they could to impress upon new owners where this model has come from and what it represents.

There's a small American flag on a gear lever, Bronco logos on the steering wheel and seats, unique animation for the screen on the central console, and much more. Arguably, the coolest touch of all is the design of the tailgate's inner side on the Bronco model, which features the same pattern and font as the tailgate of the original 1965 model.

3. Three Distinctive Models

Right from the start, the new Bronco is available in three body styles. The soon to arrive standard Bronco will feature both two- and four-door versions, with or without the removable top. Then there is also the Bronco Sport, a five-door model with a fixed roof, built on Ford Escape chassis and representing a slightly more conventional and smaller SUV offering that's aimed at family buyers.

The three-model strategy is designed to provide customers with a wide array of choices. The two-door Bronco is aimed at the off-road enthusiast who is looking for a short wheelbase machine, ideal for challenging tasks like rock-crawling or driving through the forest.

With its longer wheelbase, the four-door model is designed for owners who have active hobbies, plan on bringing several passengers on their journeys, and need more interior space. The Bronco Sport, on the other hand, with its superior road manners, really shines as a family off-road SUV that can perform as an able commuter vehicle during the week and an ideal companion for a camping trip with the kids on the weekends.

4. Perfect for Modifying

Ford is deliberately making the new Broncos easy to modify and will offer them with a substantial number of extras, dealer-installed options, along with ready compatibility with aftermarket items. They know that a sizable legion of owners won't likely be able to resist the temptation to transform his or her Bronco -- whether that entails making it more usable, capable, or simply cooler.

Most owners will be satisfied with just aftermarket wheels and the more commony added details. Still, there are already plenty of specialized shops that are preparing to offer significant chassis upgrades, engine modifications, and even full-on engine swaps. Since Ford will not offer a V8 in the Bronco, we're sure that there will be numerous ambitious owners looking to drop a 5.0 in their 2021 Bronco regardless of factory warranty implications.

While the 2021 Sport is the only Bronco model currently on sale, and we'll have to wait until summer to get our hands on the two- and four-door Broncos, tons of stuff is already available for purchase -- not just via official Ford parts but also from numerous aftermarket companies. As a matter of fact, the best 2021 Bronco online shop is right here.

5. Available With The Manual Transmission

The 2021 Bronco is one of the rare vehicles that will be available with manual transmission. It's not the standard five or 6-speed you are expecting -- it's even better. The standard transmission is a 7-speed manual, which is a very cool departure from the norm, since manuals have mostly been abandoned in the SUV market. This manual is a "6+1" type, featuring six regular gears and one super-low gear for crawling.

Whether you're in high or low range, you can shift into "7th" (dogleg position on the shift pattern) and engage an 11:1 gear ratio, ideal for pulling heavy trailers uphill, rock crawling, or getting out of a muddy ditch.

The Ford's 10-speed is the optional transmission, and it's already known and proven in the F-150. Also, there's a choice of two transfer cases for the new Bronco -- one has a final ratio of 2.73:1 and the other 3.06:1.

6. Sasquatch Package

Among the other cool 2021 Bronco features is the Sasquatch package -- it's available on all trim levels and with manual transmission. This is a dedicated off-road package that adds 35-inch all-terrain tires, Bilstein dampers, 17-inch wheels, special fender flares, front and rear locking differentials, and detachable sway bars.

This one is particularly interesting and really shines when you go rock crawling. You can detach the front stabilizer bar from the cabin and go off-road. Once you go over 20 mph, the sophisticated electro-hydraulic system will attach it again to give you better control and precise handling in on-road conditions. This option is standard on higher trim levels or with the Sasquatch package.

7. Heavy-Duty Details

Ford has done a pretty good job of convincing us that 2021 Bronco is one tough truck. Most buyers were already sold when they saw the official promotional shots and videos of Broncos jumping the dunes. However, the real off-road enthusiasts are harder to convince, but Ford managed to do so with some small but essential details.

Things like washable interiors, steel wheels will be offered on lower trim levels, and removable doors and roof show that Ford isn't playing -- the Bronco is really designed to go off-road, climb mountains, run through the desert and be the best modern off-road truck in America.

8. Every New Bronco Comes with A Bottle Opener

The new 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport are full of exciting features and details that will make your life easier, both on and off-road. Apart from an ergonomically terrific interior, lots of storage space and practical features, Ford outdid itself with one distinct detail – the inclusion of a built-in bottle opener.

The 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport both have a small latch on the side of the trunk, which you can use as a bottle opener -- just in case you forgot to bring yours before embarking on your overlanding experience or camping trip.

While it's a small detail, it nevertheless means a lot, especially if you're in the middle of nowhere and your beer is getting warm.

9. The 2021 Bronco Is Made Out of A New Type of Steel

We all remember the controversy that resulted from Ford's decision to introduce an all-aluminum F-150 truck. More than five years later, we can say that this was a smart move. It revolutionized technology in the segment and helped give rise to the best-selling pickup in the world, equipping it with improved driving dynamics and better fuel economy. The 2021 Bronco will be nearly as revolutionary as the 2015 F-150, since it will feature special Gen 3 steel.

Called Fortiform 980 GI and produced by a company called ArcelorMittal, this innovative material is known for being much more robust than regular steel and it's capable of being stretched into 35% thinner panels than its more conventional counterparts, with no compromise to its structural rigidity and strength.

This material is used for creating chassis components, floor panels, and other structural parts of the 2021 Bronco. The result is a very respectable weight savings of 150 pounds.

10. The Bronco Lifestyle

It's incredible how you became an instant off-road enthusiast the minute after watching the Bronco's promotional video. Even though you might never have spent the night outdoors, you fantasize about campfires in the desert or exploring the wilderness.

Of course, Ford's marketing department has a lot to do with that response, but there's something irresistibly cool and inviting about the new Bronco, even without its efforts.

It has rebel allure, bad-boy charm, and an off-road heritage like few other cars in the world. Just seeing it parked makes you want to leave everything and journey through the forest, smelling fresh air and freedom.

That is why the Bronco is not only a new and distinct Ford; it's a lifestyle machine and a declaration of independence on four wheels.

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