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Splash Guards and Hood Shields: Easy to Install, Low-Cost Options to Help Keep Your Bronco Sport Looking Fresh

Splash Guards and Hood Shields: Easy to Install, Low-Cost Options to Help Keep Your Bronco Sport Looking Fresh

Because the Ford Bronco Sport combines refined street manners with a level of off-road ability that has garnered praise from a number of reviewers, including this one, many Sport owners are likely to spend time on both the trail and the asphalt.

Coming home nice and dirty not only comes part and parcel with off-roading, but it’s a sort of badge of honor for off-road enthusiasts as they return from action. But, by the same token, there’s quite a difference between bringing home the outward signs of a nice, healthy romp in the mud and accumulating lasting damage. You can always wash off the former, but examples of the latter — stone chips, etc. — are a different story.

Adding a set of splashguards, along with maybe a hood shield, is a relatively low cost, easy to install solution that can go a long way toward protecting your Bronco Sport from this inconvenient by-product of adventure-seeking while off the asphalt. For that matter, both of these add-ons can pay dividends in more common driving situations, as well.

After all, for most of us, an off-roader like the Bronco Sport is more than just transportation. It makes a statement about the owner’s lifestyle and can also be viewed as an investment. And while stone chips have no bearing on drivability, keeping your Bronco Sport looking fresh and well-maintained definitely affects its perceived value.

Let’s take a look at why both splash guards and hood shields provide so much value for a fairly modest investment.

Weather Tech splash guards

Adding Splash Guards to Your Bronco Sport

Sure, some people may refer to them as “mudflaps”, but we’re not talking about the variety we so commonly see on 18-wheelers cruising down the highway. We’re referring to a trimmer, more streamlined take on the component, like these WeatherTech No Drill Front & Rear Splash Guards specifically designed for the Bronco Sport.

The most obvious benefit of splash guards is their ability to keep your vehicle cleaner, but there are other upsides, too. They’ll help protect your Bronco Sport from rocks and other debris that might kick up from the road and this protection not only applies to the areas immediately adjacent to the wheels, and quarter panels, but potentially also to its undercarriage.

Splash guards offer protection that goes even further than this. Since they help minimize the fallout range of any of the aforementioned debris that could be lurking in every puddle you might roll through, they help protect the vehicles around you, as well.

They lessen your vehicle’s splash radius. Debris hidden in puddles and potholes can become projectiles when your vehicle rolls through them. Splash guards minimize the projecting of water and rocks by your vehicle on to other vehicles.
Inexpensive and easy to install — there’s no drilling involved — these WeatherTech No Drill Front & Rear Splash Guards also add a distinctive element to your Bronco Sport’s appearance.

AVS Aeroskin hood shield in chrome finish
AVS Aeroskin Hood shield in smoke finish

Adding a Hood Shield to Your Bronco Sport

Here’s another upgrade that brings plenty of protective bang and enhanced aesthetics for a modest investment. Available in either a chrome or smoke finish, these AVS Aeroskin Low Profile Hood Shields mount directly onto your Bronco Sport’s hood and follows its contours, so they’ll enhance — not detract from — its look while offering increased protection.

close up of AVS Aeroskin hood shield in chrome

The nose of your Bronco Sport’s hood is the area most susceptible to damage from road debris, which often results in tell-tale chips in the paint. These hood shields help protect that territory from taking a direct hit, which can also help with resell value down the road.

Unlike wind deflectors — those plastic strips that mount at the front of your vehicle and jut upwards perpendicular to the hood — these AVS Aeroskin Low Profile Hood Shields won’t mess with your Sport’s aerodynamics, so your MPGs won’t suffer and you won’t be adding that pervasive wind noise that sometimes comes with wind deflectors when you’re driving at highway speeds.

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