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Customizing Your New Ford Bronco with Sharp Looking Wheels? Let's Take a Look at Some Options

Customizing Your New Ford Bronco with Sharp Looking Wheels? Let's Take a Look at Some Options

Ever since it dawned on automotive enthusiasts that the addition of a set of aftermarket wheels could drastically reshape the visual personality of their rides, they’ve been one of the true “go to” customization upgrades.

Like pretty much any exterior modification, just what constitutes visual perfection is very subjective, with some of us preferring to make as bold a statement with our aftermarket wheels as possible and others going for a sort of “stock-plus” result.

Here at Bronco Bastards, we’re happy to announce that we’ve just added a fine assortment of wheels to our arsenal, so we’re confident that we can offer you just the appearance you’re after — these wheels will put the perfect finishing touch as you customize your new Ford Bronco.

Let’s have a look at some of our new arrivals.

ICON Compression, Rebound and Alpha Wheels for Your Ford Bronco

Here are some great choices to up the visual impact of your new Bronco without having to resort to aggressive backspacing that could lead to clearance issues or compromised suspension function.

Currently available in three distinct styles — Compression, Rebound, Alpha, these selections all feature an eye-catching design, and each one will provide a distinctive look to your Bronco, from the Alpha line’s intricate 16 spoke configuration to the Rebound line’s concave, 8-spoke design.

On the practical side, because they’ve been designed to keep your Bronco’s scrub radius to the absolute minimum, its handling potential will be optimized, so you reap the benefits of enhanced curb appeal that pairs nicely with improved all-around handling and ride quality.

Icon Compression, Rebound, Alpha Wheel Specifications

Size: 17" X 8.5"
Bolt Pattern: 6 x 5.5
Offset: 0mm
Backspace: 4.75"

Fifteen 52 Analog HD Wheels for Your New Ford Bronco

The nostalgia inducing appearance of these Fifteen52 Analog HD wheels comes as no accident. They’ve been specifically designed to pay homage to the original steel wheels featured on some of those memorable classic Ford Broncos we ‘d often see patrolling asphalt and dirt alike, but with an alloy construction that’s as modern as it gets.

And that construction pays dividends in real life. Getting ready for a weekend of adventure far from the confines of civilization? You’ll have no fear loading up your Bronco with all the accessories you’ll want close at hand — these wheels are rated at 2500lbs per corner, so they’re more than up to the task of providing safe and stylish service for many years to come.

This sturdiness and classic styling come at no expense to brake clearance. Fifteen52 Analog HD wheels feature a bell-shaped barrel that will accommodate those appealingly beefy brake packages that so many of us seek out for our SUVs and trucks these days.

And, should you opt to include your factory TPMS sensors on your ride for a “heads up” in case your tire pressure drops to dangerous levels while you’re out conquering rough terrain — or maybe you just want a measure of safety while on the road — these wheels will readily accept them.

Fifteen52 Analog HD Wheels Specifications:

Size: 17" x 8.5"
Bolt Pattern: 6x5.5
Offset:  0mm
Backspacing: 4.75"

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