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Customizing Your Bronco Sport? Here are Some Exterior Modifications That Offer Unbeatable Value and a Modest Price

Customizing Your Bronco Sport? Here are Some Exterior Modifications That Offer Unbeatable Value and a Modest Price

If you’re the new (or have become a fairly recent) owner of a Ford Bronco Sport, you have our hearty congratulations! You’re in possession of an innovative crossover SUV that ably bridges the gap between everyday practicality and impressive off-road capability — all of which is packaged in an exterior that continues to turn heads more than a year after the first of its kind hit the showroom floor.

So as far as curb appeal is concerned, you’re starting with a great foundation. But let’s say you want to add your own stamp of originality and customize your Bronco Sport. After all, it’s one very popular vehicle, so while many units have already been sold, there will be many more roaming the streets in the coming years. So why not equip yours with its own identity? Let’s take that one step further and assume you want to do some customization without damaging your wallet in the process.

Here are some modifications to consider for your new Bronco Sport that offer a lot of value for the price. But, before we get started on this trio, let’s take a look at the landscape as far as aftermarket modifications are concerned and make some distinctions in the process.

The idea of Customizing Your Vehicle Has Been Around About as Long as Cars Themselves

No exaggeration here. It wasn’t long after the first Model Ts arrived — the very vehicle that brought motorized personal transportation to the masses — that the desire to stand out from the crowd presented itself. At first, this personalization came through choosing a fairly bold color — contrary to popular automotive lore, Henry Ford relented on his decision to offer the Model T only in black pretty early in the game.

Of course, in modifying your Bronco Sport, you’ll have more total options than that and the relatively small list that follows is just a representative sampling — more aftermarket mod components are being added all the time and, with the obvious popularity of the Bronco Sport, we’re confident that there’ll be many more to come.

There’s Something to Be Said About Bronco Sport Modifications that Offer a Lot of Value

We’re big fans of customization on the whole — we admire individuality, and we love to see ingenuity and creativity merge to create a standout ride. Bronco Bastards co-owner Josh Vee was instrumental in creating a one-of-a-kind classic Bronco during his days at Rebel Motor Company that would shine like a diamond in any automotive company.

But let’s make no mistake, a project of that magnitude is one very involved undertaking and it’s not for the faint of heart, nor the limited of budget. There’s a definite place for Bronco Sport modifications that offer the satisfaction of knowing that you got just the look you were after while keeping to a reasonable budget.

When it Comes to Modifications for Your Bronco Sport, Keeping Things “Tasteful” is Always a Good Thing

Obviously, with any change you make to your vehicle, the more dramatic it is, the more noticeable it will be. And we DO tend to want people to notice. By the same token, most of us want those modifications to be appropriate to the car’s nature as well as its intended use. We’ve all seen cars modified to oblivion and well beyond the bounds of good taste, and while we may outwardly rationalize the sight by saying “Hey, it’s their car, after all”, we privately cringe a little.

Along those same lines, how many of us have had a private laugh at the sight of an ultra-aggressive spoiler mounted on the deck lid of an underpowered, non-descript subcompact that we can plainly tell remains in stock mechanical configuration just by hearing its exhaust note?

Yes, there’s a balance to be struck and the most satisfying upgrades come when form meets function — in other words, when the upgrade in question not only ups the Bronco Sport’s “cool” factor, but also adds a level of utility that wasn’t there before.

So without further ado, here are some upgrades for your Bronco Sport that yield quite a bit of value for a modest price.

The AVS Ventvisor

Here’s another upgrade that combines functionality with a subtle aftermarket sensibility at a very modest price.

If you’ve spent any appreciable time driving in volatile weather, you’ll likely be familiar with one of its main challenges — when you keep your windows rolled up and sealed, it may keep snow and rain out of the cabin of your vehicle, but you’ll also find your windows fogging up pretty rapidly in the process — even with your defroster working at full bore.

The AVS Ventvisor mounts externally to your Bronco Sport’s side windows and its unique design allows fresh air to make its way inside the cabin to minimize window fogging, while at the same time keeping surrounding snow and rain outside.

Curt Class 3 Trailer Hitch

At first glance you might consider the addition of a trailer hitch as a purely functional upgrade, but in reality, it’s a little more than that. Despite the fact that it’s not an upgrade that makes a night and day difference as far as aesthetics is concerned, the presence of a stouter hitch, such as our Curt Class 3 Trailer Hitch, confers the message to onlookers that the owner of the Bronco Sport in question is serious about getting the most out of his or her new ride.

Of course, the functional aspects of an upgraded trailer hitch are undeniable, and they no doubt help make this a worthwhile modification for your Bronco Sport on their own. Whether you’re towing a modestly-sized utility trailer or a snowmobile, ATV or other recreational toy that will make the most of your available towing capacity — between 2000 and 2200lbs, which is not inconsiderable for a crossover SUV — a class 3 trailer hitch provides a measure of added safety by virtue of its stouter, 2” connection.

When it comes to towing ANYTHING, safety is of paramount importance because of the stakes involved. You can easily imagine what might happen if a trailer hitch were to fail in a real-life situation and the most likely cause for such a failure wouldn’t just be the hitch’s overall gross towing weight capacity — which in the case of the Curt Class 3 Hitch stands at 3500lbs — but also its tongue weight capacity.

This number refers to the actual weight exerted at the connection between vehicle and trailer. The Curt Class 3’s robust 525lb tongue weight capacity is more than twice that of a common Class I hitch, and substantially more than most Class II hitches, which generally top out at 350lbs. This means it’s never going to be the weak spot in any of your towing activities.

WeatherTech Splash Guards

Go ahead and call them mudflaps if you like — many of us still do — even though that might conjure up the image of a sizable 18-wheeler motoring down the highway to deliver its goods. Regardless, few components in the aftermarket world can match the combination of utility and low cost offered by these WeatherTech No Drill Front & Rear Splash Guards. Add to that their ease of installation, considering that there’s not even any drilling involved — it’s right there in the name, after all.

Coming in at a very modest price, these splash guards will add a subtle “customized” appearance to any Bronco Sport, and they’ll do it at a very, very modest price point — considerably less than $100. They’re designed specifically for the Bronco Sport, so fitment isn’t going to be an issue.

No one’s going to make the argument that they’ll set your Bronco Sport thoroughly apart from the crowd on their own, but splash guards do add a nice, understated touch of elevated curb appeal.

Along with that comes another obvious functional benefit — splash guards will keep your vehicle cleaner and more resistant to surface chips and scrapes that can come from road-bound debris flying up from your tires as you pass by. This level of protection extends beyond just the area surrounding the wheels and includes the quarter panels and undercarriage.

Because they’ll also lessen your Bronco Sport’s splash radius, in the process they also decrease the chance of your Bronco Sport kicking up water and rocks that might hit other vehicles while you’re on the road. Being a courteous motorist is certainly an added plus.

AVS Chrome Aeroskin Hood Protector

Take a close look at any vehicle that’s put in some appreciable miles — especially one that has logged a lot of those miles off-road — and you’ll likely see those tell-tale chips that come from road debris kicking up and inflicting its damage around the nose of the vehicle. In some cases, the debris in question is weighty enough to not only chip the paint, but leave a ding or two. These accumulating “battle scars” can easily put a crimp in your Bronco Sport’s resale value or, at the very least, visually age it prematurely.

Available in either a chrome or smoked finish, these AVS Aeroskin Hood Protectors are an easy install. They attach directly to your Bronco Sport’s hood while closely following its contours. Because they’re designed specifically for the model, they don’t add that “Frankenstein-ish”, cobbled-on look that often comes with more non-specific aftermarket components.

And, because they don’t stand straight up perpendicular to your car’s hood, your Sport’s aerodynamics remain thoroughly intact, with no damage to your gas mileage and no addition of annoying wind noise that can come with more primitive wind deflectors while driving at highway speeds.

Hella Cleantech 21-inch Wiper Blade for the Bronco Sport

When we think of exterior modifications, we generally focus on visual upgrades, so this one is a bit of a detour from that norm. Nevertheless, its value is undeniable. No one is likely to get too excited about windshield wipers, but in inclement weather, we all rely very heavily on them for our safety.

Featuring a frameless design, the Hella Cleantech Wiper Blade maximizes the amount of contact the wiper blade maintains with the windshield while also balancing its pressure across its entire structure. As a result, it will keep your windshield cleaner and clearer than conventional wipers, so as you peer out into rugged weather, your visibility — and, of course, your safety — will be maximized.

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