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Cleaning Up Your Bronco or Bronco Sport After a Session on the Trail

Cleaning Up Your Bronco or Bronco Sport After a Session on the Trail


While we now find ourselves at the tail end of another year — and a very unusual one at that on a number of fronts — in most parts of the country the weather is still tame enough to embark on some off-roading adventure as we close in on winter. And while many of us like to proudly display the mud and grime we’ve accumulated while taking on rugged terrain, there comes a point where it’s time to get your ride all cleaned up and presentable for everyday driving.

Here are some tools that will really come in handy when you’re faced with the often tedious task of cleaning up your Bronco or Bronco Sport after an off-roading session.

Chemical Guys' foam cannon

Chemical Guys Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon

We’ll keep it real here — few of us actually look forward to cleaning our rides, but when it becomes a necessity, the Chemical Guys Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon definitely takes a lot of the drudgery out of the process. It’s like having an actual car wash at your disposal — and in some ways it’s even better.

It equips your car cleaning efforts with an adjustable stream of water and cleaner that can go from maximum width to access nearly every inch of your Bronco or Bronco Sport in one sweep, all the way to ultra-focused, so that you can get those hard-to-reach places, like wheel wells and the undercarriage.


Chemical Guys' foam cannon viewed from the side

And if your vehicle is particularly dirty, the Big Mouth’s ergonomic grip will make longer cleaning sessions a lot easier on your hands and wrists, while its easily-adjusted foam knob will allow you to direct just the right amount of cleaner right where you want it to get the best results.

Unlike some of its competitors, the Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon features an oversized bottle mouth that leads to a clear canister, so you can always see just how much cleaning solution is left inside its generously proportioned 34-ounce canister, while also making sure you have just the right amount of dilution for the best results.

Chemical Guys' foam cannon closeup


Meanwhile, its large valve pulls in plenty of air to create maximum foam, which will help lubricate your car’s surface during vigorous cleaning to lessen the chances of any scratches developing. Better still, the Foam Cannon’s easy-to-adjust foam knob lets you effortlessly control the amount of suds you use.

And when your cleaning session is finished, the quick-release connection detaches from your hose in mere seconds.

Wheel Woolies

The most obvious leftover dirt and grime from your off-roading adventures will end up on your vehicle’s hood, doors and undercarriage, but no cleaning effort is complete without paying proper attention to the wheels and those truly hard-to-reach places — the very places where you’ve probably scraped a knuckle or two in the past while trying to get the job done with just a common rag. Without getting these areas up to speed, your Bronco or Bronco Sport just won’t look its best.

Enter Wheel Woolies. These sizable, plush brushes are perfectly shaped to get to those nearly impossible areas — like the insides of your wheels, as well as the door jambs, hinges, seat tracks and more. And, because Wheel Woolies feature durable but soft wool microfiber, they’ll do the cleaning without leaving any scuffing or swirls. You’ll definitely appreciate this feature when you’re cleaning potentially sensitive, easy-to-scratch components, like your car’s sunroof window.

And yet, Wheel Woolies are durable enough to provide plenty of service time even when used on engine bays. And they also feature a convenient shape that allows them to easily reach into narrow spots that might otherwise be out of reach.

With three different sized brushes included in each set, ranging from a compact 8” to a lengthy 19”, you’ll be able to effortlessly clean every nook and cranny on your Bronco or Bronco Sport without having to worry about leaving any marks in the process.

Ball Buster Wheel Polishing Attachment for your Drill

Ever bang up your knuckles trying to get that last bit of dirt and grime out of the hard-to-reach recesses of your wheels? You can’t consider a cleaning job done without getting those wheels to look their best, and yet, the prospect of more nicks and scrapes just isn’t all that appealing, is it?

The Ball Buster is your solution — and it’s a solution that will come in handy when you’re trying to clean any crevice, edge or corner of your car. It’s a specially shaped, soft foam cone that readily attaches to a common drill to get rid of that last bit of dirt and grease. Using it is an easy process — no different than attaching and detaching a drill bit. You just loosen up the chuck on your drill, drop the Ball Buster shank inside, close it up and you now have a very efficient and time-saving cleaning tool.

Because the Ball Buster relies on the power of your drill, cleaning those hard-to-reach places on your car becomes a low-effort affair. Better still, because you’ll be able to keep your fingers well away from any sharp edges, you won’t find yourself raiding your first aid kit for band-aids.

The Ball Buster’s specially designed grooves easily reach places where a solid surface can’t, like wheels, rims, exhaust tips and vents and will make short work of cleaning these surfaces. Better still, because the Ball Buster works with your everyday power drill — a piece of equipment you almost certainly already have stowed in your garage — it takes up minimal space in your tool cabinet when not in use.

Chemical Guys "The Stranger" Helpful Handy Mitt

Don't let the irreverent name fool you -- this is one very useful tool. And, if you're one of the countless car owners who have jammed or cut a finger trying to reach into a crevice in your vehicle's interior to get that last bit of dirt or grime, it won't be long before you truly appreciate it. 

The Stranger's instantly recognizable fingered design is more than just a novelty, in that allows you to reach into ultra-tight spaces, like air conditioning vents, the back of your wheels and underneath your seats to put the final touches on your cleaning efforts while keeping your hands well-protected.

By the same token, it also features a substantial amount of surface area, so dusting larger areas, like your car's dash or door panels, won't take long at all. And, because its extra fluffy high pile exterior is non-abrasive, you won't have to worry about scratching sensitive surfaces while you get that cleaning done. 

Lastly, because The Stranger is equally effective both dry and wet, you'll find yourself using it quite a bit as you get your Bronco or  Bronco Sport all cleaned up from the great outdoors. 

Chemical Guys Rimpaca Reach Around
Ultimate Wheel Brush Set

Here’s another cleaning tool that’s equally effective on both your Bronco’s interior or exterior. With its unique, angled design, the Rimpaca Reacharound Ultimate Wheel Brush Set makes it a breeze to get to those hard to reach areas, such as deep inside your ride’s wheel wells, in between the grille slats and more, while sparing your hands from any damage that would otherwise occur when running afoul of sharp surfaces.

Don't let the ultra-plus surfaces of these brushes fool you -- this is pretty durable tool -- make that "tools", plural, as two different-sized brushes come in a set -- and not only will it spare your car's more sensitive surfaces from harm, its ultra-soft synthetic wool heads suck up quite a bit of dust with very little effort on your part. 

Chemical Guys Carpet Brush with Drill Attachment

Who among us want to expend needless energy when cleaning their Bronco's interior? Certainly not us. So, why not enlist your trusty hand drill to provide the elbow grease to propel the Chemical Guys Carpet Brush Drill through its duties as it cleans away stubborn stains on your car's seats, carpet and other interior fabric? 

These carpet brushes are available in a couple of different textures, so they're well-suited for cleaning a variety of surfaces. The yellow bristled brush shown just above is considered to be medium duty, and it's perfect for removing more stubborn stains from durable carpeting -- this one is so tenacious that you can literally use it to clean concrete! 

For more sensitive areas, your best bet would be to opt for the light duty version of the brush. When used as intended, its soft gray bristles are gentle enough to clean fabrics like mohair, wool and cotton without causing any damage.


Chemical Guys Little Red Rocket Detailing Brush

This useful and innovative product really comes in handy when putting the finishing touches on your cleaning efforts. Walk the perimeter of your vehicle and you'll find countless crevices and seemingly out of reach places where dirt can hide, but they won't be out of range for the Chemical Guys Little Red Rocket Detailing Brush.

Not only is it flexible, but you can bend it to just the right angle for your purposes -- even if that angle requires the brush to nearly double back on itself. And, with both a 5.5" and 9" brush included in the 2-pack, you'll be able to get everything from your wheels and rims to your interior vents looking their best. 

Because Red Rocket Brushes feature rubber tips, as well as rubber-wrapped spines, you won't have to worry about getting too "enthusiastic" and damaging any painted surfaces. Plus, there's a knuckle guard built right into the design, so scraped hands (and resultant cuss words) won't be a hallmark of your cleaning sessions. 

Chemical Guys Long Bristle Horse Hair
Leather Cleaning Brush

Both the Bronco and Bronco Sport are thoroughly equipped for action, but we know that there are plenty of present and future owners who will be opting for plush leather interiors.

Keeping those interiors looking their best is often a challenge, with the need to walk a fine line between a thorough cleaning that will leave those leather surfaces unscathed. 

The Chemical Guys Long Bristle Horse Hair Leather Cleaning Brush is a great tool to have in your arsenal. Made with real horse hair bristles -- just as its name suggests -- its tough enough to clean dirty leather surfaces, yet gentle enough to keep from leaving any lasting damage from your vigorous cleaning efforts.


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