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Back From the Trail? Here are 8 Cleaning Products that Will Get Your Bronco Back to Looking its Best

Back From the Trail? Here are 8 Cleaning Products that Will Get Your Bronco Back to Looking its Best

Off-roaders love putting our rides through their paces over rough, unpaved terrain — and getting those vehicles nice and dirty comes with the territory. And after our weekend adventures are over, coming home with that dirt still intact is a sort of badge of honor. After all, we DO want our friends and neighbors to get a good idea as to what we’ve been up to.

But whether it’s brought about by the start of another work week, or just a return to our normal, everyday routine, there comes a time to get our Broncos cleaned up and back to looking their best. Here are 8 products that will make getting your Bronco or Bronco Sport looking its best as easy as possible.

Not long ago, we covered some cleaning tools that will make cleaning your Bronco a lot easier — not to mention a little safer, as a few of them are designed to spare your fingers and knuckles from the collateral damage that often comes with trying to reach those out of the way places while doing your best to get your ride back to top form after a session on the trail.

This time around, we’re focusing on the actual cleaning products that will give those tools maximum cleaning efficacy.

Chemical Guys Extreme Body Wash and WaxChemical Guys Extreme Body Wash+Wax 

With the possible exception of a brief session with a pressure washer, once you’ve hosed your Bronco down, it’s a pretty good bet that you’ll be starting your cleaning efforts with a thorough soaping. Not all automotive soap products are created equal — some can be harsh enough to leave your car with a noticeably duller finish, due to ingredients that are either overly caustic or won’t readily wash off when it's time for the rinse cycle. Others just flat out don’t work all that well.

With Chemical Guys Extreme Body Wash +Wax, you won’t have to worry about either of these pitfalls. Not only does it combine shampoo with a synthetic gloss enhancer to leave your Bronco looking shinier than ever, but it actually contains lubricating ingredients that will help keep the dirt and grime it lifts off your car from scratching the finish. Whatever wax or sealant that you had already applied will remain intact, and because Extreme Body Wash Soap contains carnauba wax of its own, water spots will be minimal, because the calcium they contain won’t readily attach to your car’s surface as it dries.

Chemical Guys C4 Clear Cut Compound Chemical Guys C4 Clear Cut Compound

There are plenty of forces that conspire to keep your car’s finish from staying at its best. Even during the course of everyday driving, we run afoul of tree branches that can leave scratches. Every rainfall seems to leave its acidic remnants on our car’s surface. An overly enthusiastic session with a polisher might even leave unsightly swirls that won’t rub off without a little chemical help.

Chemical Guys C4 Clear Cut Compound is a great addition to your cleaning product arsenal. Whether you prefer to work by hand, or to enlist the assistance of a dual-action or rotary polisher, it’ll drastically cut down on the time and effort needed to get rid of scratches, residue marks or other surface mishaps that keep your car from looking its best.

Chemical Guys Signature Series Orange DegreaserChemical Guys Signature Series Orange Degreaser

Even a brief session out on the trail will leave your Bronco wearing plenty of dirt, road grime and maybe even a little grease left behind from those off-roaders who might have navigated the course just before you. Chemical Guys Signature Series Orange Degreaser is a seriously versatile product that will help you get rid of all of it.

Just as its name implies, it leverages the cleaning power of citrus extracts to cut through and dissolve grease, oil and dirt from your Bronco’s exterior, regardless of whether it’s on your wheels, suspension components or anywhere else. And we’re not just talking about surface dirt here — Signature Series Orange Degreaser can even handle motor oil, coolant, diesel fuel and more.

Because it arrives fully concentrated and waiting to be diluted to best match your needs, you can add just the right amount of water to tackle whatever cleaning jobs you might be facing.

Chemical Guys Leather Serum

Chemical Guys Leather Serum Natural Look Conditioner & Protective Coating

A lot of us like the rich look and feel of leather upholstery, but that surface, as well as its synthetic counterparts, do have their drawbacks. Careful as we might be, dropped food or spilled coffee might leave stains and, unless we take the time to cover our car every time we park, the sun’s UV rays can extract their toll over time.

A great way to deal with both of these annoyances is to protect against them in the first place. Chemical Guys Leather Serum Natural Look Conditioner & Protective Coating penetrates into both synthetic and leather upholstery and leaves a coating to make them more impermeable to everyday damage that can come not only from food and beverage mishaps, but also regular exposure to normal body oil and sweat. This coating will also restore a supple feel to leather and synthetic surfaces and protect them from UV-induced fading.

Not only will this protection last for up to 16 months, but it leaves that new car smell that we all crave.

Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Spot RemoverChemical Guys Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover

Water spots aren’t just annoying. They’re potentially damaging as well. Leave them untreated for long enough and the alkaline residue they leave behind can eat into your car’s finish.

Whether those spots are caused by lawn sprinklers, rain or just not drying your car thoroughly enough, this is a product that can help. Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover contains just enough mild acid to remove water spots from paint, glass or metal without causing any damage and will prepare any surfaces you’ve worked on for a good waxing, so that they’ll be protected in the future.

Chemical Guys Butter Wet WaxChemical Guys Butter Wet Wax

As we noted a little earlier, a little bit of protective effort can go a long way towards keeping your car looking its best — and for its exterior, waxing is a cornerstone of that protection.

Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax is a very aptly-named product. Easy to apply, it will melt into your car’s finish — yes, like butter — to give it that coveted “wet” look that proclaims to onlookers just how much care you put into your Bronco’s appearance. And when we say “easy to apply,” we really mean it. Unlike most other automotive wax products, there’s no wait time needed between application and buffing.

You can wait a little while if you so choose, but it isn’t necessary. You just grab a microfiber applicator, wipe a light, even coat of Butter Wet Wax onto the surface of your car and, once it’s covered, you can go straight to a microfiber towel to complete the process. Even better, this convenience comes with no compromise to the shine and UV protection you’ll get.

Chemical Guys Extreme Offensive Odor Eliminator and Air Freshener

Chemical Guys Extreme Offensive Odor Eliminator & Air Freshener

Whether it’s just from the everyday accumulation of body oil and sweat that comes with enthusiastic motoring, the reluctant allowance of a friend or acquaintance to light up (legally, of course) in your car, or takeout food that’s been left inside for a while, this product can get rid of the smell.

Chemical Guys Extreme Offensive Odor Eliminator and Air Freshener doesn’t just mask these smells, it will attack them at the source — using an assortment of active enzymes that kill bacteria and germs. What’s left behind is the Odor Eliminator’s pleasant scent — reminiscent of the rich leather found on a new car.

Chemical Guys Inner Clean Interior Detailer and Protectant

Chemical Guys Inner Clean Interior Detailer/Protectant

Climb inside your car and take a quick look around. Is everything looking as fresh and well-protected as it could be? Probably not. Maybe your shift knob or door panels are looking a little faded from the sun, or maybe your steering wheel is showing the effects of regular use. This one-step detailer/protectant makes it easy to bring those surfaces back to life.

Inner Clean will restore a factory appearance to pretty much every surface of your car’s interior, from dashboards to LCD screens. In the process, while it doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue, it does create an invisible, anti-static barrier that will help repel dust.

But wait . . . we've got more cleaning suggestions for you. Why stop at just 8 of them? 

Rubber + Vinyl Floor Mat Cleaner & Protectant

Chemical Guys Mat ReNew Rubber + Vinyl Cleaner and Protectant

Few areas on your Bronco or Bronco Sport  bear the brunt of an off-roading session more than the rubber matting just inside the doors. You and your passengers may exercise caution while entering and exiting a passenger car, or a citified SUV, but once you're out on the trail, that caution tends to be thrown to the wind. 

End result? Seriously dirty rubber mats that will keep your interior from looking its best. Chemical Guys Mat Renew will help you get them up to par. It will break down dirt, residue and other grime so that they'll wipe away, then restore a like-new appearance. In the process Mat ReNew also adds UV blockers to keep your mats from fading in the future. 

You might think. . . "Why would I need a specialized cleaner for my mats? Why not just use some elbow grease, followed by tire dressing? After all, tires are rubber, aren't they? Yep, you'd be correct on that one, but there's one important distinction to be made. Tire dressings generally contain quite a bit of silicone that can add a slippery feel, even after a thorough wiping. This may not be a big deal where your tire sidewalls are concerned, but it can be for floor mats.

You don't really want your passengers wiping their feet on your mats, then potentially slipping on your side steps. Nor do you want your own feet slipping on your pedals at inopportune moments. Since this Mat Renew leaves no such residue, it solves this problem. 

 Chemical Guys Sticky Citrus Wheel Cleaner

Chemical Guys Sticky Citrus Wheel Cleaner Gel 

Sticky? Why would I want a wheel cleaner to be sticky? Simple, actually. Whereas most wheel cleaners are ultra-thin in consistency and just roll down into your wheels' crevices before they can really perform any cleaning action, Chemical Guys Sticky Citrus will cling to the road dirt and brake dust that builds up on your wheels over time and lift it off the surface so that it can be easily wiped away. 

Rest assured, it's not sticky in a long-lasting, honey-like sense, and because it leverages the natural cleaning power of citrus, as opposed to caustic, synthetic ingredients, it's easy on your wheels. 

Citrus clings to wheels and vertical surfaces, suspending road grime, brake dust, oil, and dirt and then lifts it off the wheel safely and gently. Sticky Citrus sticks hard to keep the cleaning power where you need it, without rolling off the surface. Spray Sticky Citrus over filthy wheel parts, and watch as it sticks to the filthiest surfaces for a deeper clean using less product!

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