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An Ounce of Prevention | Protecting the Interior of Your Ford Bronco or Bronco Sport

An Ounce of Prevention | Protecting the Interior of Your Ford Bronco or Bronco Sport

As we’ve noted before, part of the fun of owning an off-road capable SUV like the Ford Bronco or Bronco Sport is venturing off the asphalt and onto rugged terrain for some memorable times behind the wheel. These adventures, of course, leave their mark in the form of grime — and maybe even some residual oil picked up from the dirt — that not only ends up on the exterior, but can also be tracked inside.

As much as we enjoy showing the results of our off-roading forays, we don’t want any lasting damage to come from them. A little while back, we discussed some cleaning products and cleaning tools that will really come in handy in getting your Bronco or Bronco Sport back in top form, appearance-wise.

This time around, let’s take a look at some relatively low-cost protection for the Bronco and Bronco Sport’s interior, so that you can keep that in top form, even if spirited off-roading is a regular part of your agenda.

Why Interior Protection is Important

Off-roading adventures mean plenty of contact with dirt, along with both driver and passengers frequently entering and exiting their Broncos. This creates a perfect storm for a dirty interior. Just as is the case with our vehicle’s exterior, once it’s time to get things cleaned up and presentable, we want that dirt and grime gone. But if it piles up too much, or gets ground in over time, that can often be a difficult process. In fact, cumulative abrasion from dirt and gravel can leave lasting damage that won’t clean away at all.

Not only can this interior damage detract from that enthusiasm you no doubt had when you first took delivery of your Bronco or Bronco Sport, but it can literally detract from the value of the vehicle. Whether you plan on keeping your ride for the long haul or not, putting some effort into keep its resale value as high as possible is always a good thing. Choosing the right interior protection components can go a long way towards helping with this.

Here are a few suggested items that can help keep your Bronco or Bronco Sport’s interior looking nice and fresh over time. An added bonus is that most of these products tend to be fairly modest in price, so you won’t have to shell out a lot of money to keep your Bronco looking its best.

Husky Floor Liners for the Ford Bronco Sport

Floor Liners for Your Ford Bronco or Bronco Sport

Almost always, the floors are one of the first areas on any vehicle to show evidence of usage. Especially in front. Ever travel out of town, rent a car and take a look down at its floors? All too often, they’re noticeably stained, even if the car itself is fairly new, as most rental cars are.

This is an area where adding some protection can really pay dividends. Sure, you can do your best to scrub out the dirt, coffee stains and more that seem to pile up over time, but there’s almost always going to be a stubborn stain or two that remains. Also, overly enthusiastic scrubbing can leave damage of its own in the form of prematurely worn interior carpeting or, in the case of washout floors, telltale scratches to indicate that you took the “elbow grease” thing a little too far.

If you’re the proud owner of a Bronco Sport, the Husky Liners X-Act Contour floor liner will give you the front row protection you’re looking for. It’ll also closely match the contours of your vehicle’s floor, so it won’t easily bunch up or get knocked off kilter. Just as important, it also looks great and you’ll be able to tell right away just how durable and sturdy it is.

If there’s a Ford Bronco holding court in your garage, Husky Liners also offers just what you need to keep your floors protected. While we’re temporarily out of stock on this complete set of liners for both front and back, we do have these Husky Liners X-Act Floor Liners for your backseat area. 

WeatherTech trunk liner for the Bronco Sport

Cargo Liners for Your Ford Bronco or Bronco Sport

We often just resign ourselves to heavily trafficked cargo areas that, over time, won’t match the fresh condition of the rest of the interior. That container top we thought was screwed on tightly might not have been after all, and dirty equipment or weekend toys tend to leave their mark.

The Husky Trunk Liner offers a nice, precise fit for your Ford Bronco and it will conform to its floors for a factory-look appearance.

If you’re piloting a Bronco Sport, this WeatherTech Trunk Liner will give you that same high level of long-term carpet protection.

Weather Tech seat protector

Seat Protectors for Your Bronco or Bronco Sport

Many consider seat protectors to offer the most benefit for cars that are sporting leather upholstery, but if your SUV sees a lot of action, even if it’s during the course of a conventional weekday driving routine, they’re worth considering even if your vehicle has cloth upholstery. Try as we might to knock that last bit of dirt off ourselves — while also strongly suggesting that our passengers do the same — plenty of dirt can get tracked inside, and a lot of it can end up embedded in your upholstery.

Each time you open the door, this is the area you and your passengers will see first, so right away it shapes the impression people might have as far as just how well you take care of your Bronco or Bronco Sport. It’s no surprise that, in most used car ads, the accompanying photos focus heavily on the seats. We associate fresh-looking seating with a fresh, well-maintained car and keeping it that way can be quite a challenge, with passengers getting in and out and perhaps a dog or two riding along in back.

WeatherTech makes an extensive line of seat protectors for both the Bronco and the Bronco Sport. They’re durable, waterproof and very easy to install and just as easy to remove when it’s time to clean them, which itself is also easy, considering they’re machine washable.

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