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2021 Bronco GVWR, Tow and Payload Ratings Revealed

2021 Bronco GVWR, Tow and Payload Ratings Revealed

We already know most of the relevant information regarding the upcoming 2021 Ford Bronco in both its two and four-door configurations, including available engines, trim levels, exactly what the desirable Sasquatch package includes, as well as the prices, dimensions, and release dates. However, there are several vital pieces of additional information real Bronco fans are dying to get -- gross vehicle weight ratings, tow capacity, and payload. 

In the world of off-road vehicles, GVWR, tow, and payload are as important as the horsepower and torque figures, since those numbers show what the vehicle is actually capable of doing and how it can be used. We already know that Bronco is very "talented", and with a nice, powerful engine under the hood, it can do wonders off-road.

However, let's see what the new Bronco can do in real life, in situations  that call for it to be more than just a cool-looking SUV. These numbers will underscore just how practical the 2021 Bronco is in these real-world conditions.

Before we show you the numbers, it's important to mention that is Ford uses the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) standard. This standard is designed to offer customers accurate ratings proven in real-life testing. In particular, SAE J2807  ("Performance Requirements for Determining Tow-Vehicle Gross Combination Weight Rating and Trailer Weight Rating") comes into play here.

In laymen's terms, this standard requires that the manufacturer's test vehicle be equipped with the same options as 33% percent of that model's vehicles, so that manufacturers can't just offer up a specially-configured model designed to ace the tests. Also, every test vehicle needs to carry additional weight, representing a 150-pound driver, a similarly-sized passenger and a full tank of fuel.

Manufacturers aren't obligated by law to use this standard and there are plenty of instances where car companies test vehicles with no options, an empty tank, and with just with the driver behind the wheel in order to optimize results.

Car companies ARE obligated to list the standards they use during testing, so it's always a good idea to read the fine print when you browse through an official brochure or press release -- especially if it's going to influence your buying decision. If you see that manufacturer used the SAE J2807 standard -- as Ford did with the 2021 Bronco -- you'll know that the results will correspond with real-life numbers. Should you not see it, there's a very good chance that the vehicle in question is not as capable in reality as the brochure might suggest.

Just a heads up . . . Jeep DIDN'T use the SAE J2807 standard while testing their Wrangler and Gladiator, which is definitely something to keep in mind when somebody tells you that the Wrangler and Bronco have similar GVWR, tow, and payload numbers.

Anyway, here are the significant numbers, which we'll discuss in further detail a little later.  

2021 Ford Bronco GVWR: 6,180 lbs.

2021 Ford Bronco Curb Weight: 5,019 lbs.

2021 Ford Bronco Payload: 1,160 to 1,452 lbs.

2021 Ford Bronco Tow Rating: 3240 to 3500 lbs.

2021 Ford Bronco Roof Loading Rating: 450 lbs. (stationary) 110 lbs. (moving) 

These numbers are for 2021 Bronco in Black Diamond, Badlands, and First Edition trim levels, with the optional 2.7-liter V6 engine and in 4-door configuration. For a full list of GVWR, tow, and payload numbers, please click HERE. 

Before you start planning to load your Bronco with camping gear and equipment, there are few essential things to remember. The addition of  significant aftermarket parts -- like roof racks, bull-bars, steel bumpers, bike carriers, and so on -- will affect the payload, since it will up the GVWR. Also, if you have 4 to 5 passengers in the vehicle, you'll need to take that into consideration, so as not overload your car. Once again, the 1,160+ lbs. payload  rating pertains to specific trim levels, a full tank of fuel, and two passengers. If you have four passengers in your Bronco, a full tank of fuel, roof rack, and bikes in the back, your actual payload will be proportionally lower. 

There are a couple of additional considerations you should likely make when ordering your new 2021 Bronco -- in its current first edition, the Sasquatch package can't be ordered with a roof rack nor a trailer tow package.  

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