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Why The 2021 Ford Bronco is a Game-Changer

Why The 2021 Ford Bronco is a Game-Changer

2020 will go down in history as one of the strangest years of our times. The global pandemic and resulting economic hardship was something that none of us could have predicted or controlled. However, for diehard Ford fans and off-road enthusiasts, 2020 will be fondly remembered for the highly anticipated return of one of the Ford's most pivotal nameplates – the Bronco.
On July 13, 2020, Ford officially presented the 2021 Bronco, and in a matter of minutes, it became an internet sensation. By the end of that day, its official YouTube clip had millions of views, and the global car community was buzzing about how cool Ford's new SUV was.

But, the new Bronco heralds much more than just the return of a legendary name with its retro looks. It marks the dawn of a new era in the SUV segment, and we believe it's a real game-changer. Here's why:

A Return to the Off-Road Roots

It's hard to believe, but currently there are over 120 SUV models (all classes) available for sale. Most of them are front-wheel-drive people carriers and soccer-mom wagons, and only a handful of them are dedicated off-road machines.
It's clear that modern SUVs have, for the most part, abandoned all-terrain usability and roughness for suburban customers, but Ford decided to get back to the basic principle of the automotive segment that made those vehicles great in the first place.
The 2021 Bronco is the first proper off-road Ford in decades -- a vehicle designed to feel right at home in areas where your phone will lose reception. But this is not just a rugged machine for extreme users. No, it's a perfect blend of everyday comfort and usability with fantastic off-road capabilities, which is something that we've craved for years.


The 2021 Bronco will arrive in three distinctive models -- two and four-door versions as well as the Bronco Sport, which is a softer and more civilized SUV. The Bronco will be available with three engine options (a four-cylinder and two V6 units), a 10-speed automatic, and, very interestingly, a 7-speed manual. Ford will include Raptor and a few other special edition models down the road.
Of course, let's not forget the numerous options and packages designed to provide you with the perfect Bronco experience.

The Bronco Lifestyle

It's incredible how you likely became an instant off-road enthusiast the minute after watching the Bronco's promotional video. Even though you might never have spent the night outdoors before, you fantasized about campfires in the desert or exploring the wilderness.
Of course, Ford's marketing department has a lot to do with shaping the its image, but there is something irresistibly cool and inviting in the new Bronco --  even without their efforts. It has rebel allure, bad-boy charm, and an off-road heritage like few other cars in the world. Just seeing it parked makes you want to leave everything and motor through the forest, smelling fresh air and freedom. That's why the new Bronco is more than just another Ford; it's a lifestyle machine and a declaration of independence on four wheels.   


With its starting price of just $29,995, the Bronco has nailed the puzzle's final piece, which is affordability. All vehicles with its level of off-road competence are much costlier, and Ford knew that it had to be significantly less expensive to make an impact. And what an impact it made. By August 2020, over 230,000 people had placed reservations on the new Bronco, making it sold out until 2022!
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