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Returning To Rebelle - Ford Will Race Full Bronco Lineup in October

Returning To Rebelle - Ford Will Race Full Bronco Lineup in October

Racing has always been a big part of the Ford Bronco’s narrative. From the early days of the first off-road series to the more recent modern events, the Bronco has been raced during times it wasn't even in production, which is an enormous testament to its capabilities and reputation in the off-roading community.

In fact, the classic Bronco was instrumental in establishing off-road racing as a primary form of motorsport, when the legendary Parnelli Jones took the helm of the iconic Big Oly Bronco, which recently became the most expensive SUV in the world.

So, the “Win on Sunday – Sell on Monday” mantra has been of substantial importance to Ford since day one. Fortunately, this wasn't forgotten when the time came for the 2021 Bronco to be resurrected to claim its spot in the market. 

The model's 2021 introduction, in fact, began in 2019 when Ford entered the Bronco R racing concept in the Baja 1000. After the creation of several more racing models, Ford entered the always challenging Rebelle Rally with an almost stock Bronco Sport in 2020 and won this all-female off-road event. This year, Ford will be back -- not just with a Bronco Sport, but with the full Bronco lineup, including two and four-door models and two more women-only crews.

Obviously, Ford wants to repeat its success and display the potential of the new Bronco. 

The Rebelle Rally is a unique  type of event -- not just because it's open to  female participants only, but because it's a thoroughly technical race that entails more than just speeding flat out through the desert. Navigation skills are much more important than sheer speed, as this is what ultimately wins this race.

“We’d love nothing more than to podium a Bronco and a Bronco Sport at the same time,” said Jovina Young, Bronco Sport marketing manager. “What I really like about sending the full family of Broncos is that Rebelle is about taking on different types of terrains and exploring; competitors aren’t just hitting high speeds in the desert. It’s a chance to show the Bronco doing a different type of off-roading.”


This year’s Rebelle Rally will start on October 8th, near the Hoover Dam in Nevada, and will finish eight days later in Imperial Sand Dunes in California. All three Broncos will be completely stock, with rear seats removed but with standard drive trains, brakes, and engines. The two and four-door models will feature the Sasquatch package. Also, no electronic navigation equipment is allowed, and it will be interesting to see how the crews will manage to tackle rugged terrain and harsh conditions of the Nevada and California deserts.


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