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Reasons Why You Should Get A Ford Bronco, Now!

Reasons Why You Should Get A Ford Bronco, Now!

Even before any official images of the 2021 Ford Bronco had become available, legions of off-road enthusiasts couldn't wait to see a new Bronco in their driveway just as soon as its pending arrival was confirmed by Ford.

With more than 230,000 reservations so far, the pent up demand for the Bronco is beyond question and we believe that this number would be far higher if Ford had decided to offer Bronco on other markets beyond the U.S..

If you're intrigued by this iconic off-road SUV but are still unsure as to whether you should pull the trigger on buying one, here are ten things that should inspire you to do so.

The Most Interesting New-Car Release of 2021

While 2020 was by no means a good year for the automotive industry on the whole, the introduction of the new Bronco made it a memorable one for off-road fans everywhere. There aren't many new-car releases that are hotter than the Bronco at the moment. We believe that that popularity will only escalate once the Bronco hits the streets and muddy trails.

Both Practicality and Versatility

The Bronco Sport is a perfectly capable family SUV -- spacious enough to be a daily driver, while plenty surefooted to ply its trade as an off-road weekend warrior. It was designed with no compromises in terms of space or convenience features, and offers a level of comfort perfectly suited to everyday usability. The new Bronco Sport can easily serve as your only car, assuming you don't have a big family or don't carry a lot of cargo on a regular basis. In that case, you should buy a pickup.

Undeniably Cool

With its eye-catching retro-futuristic design, rebel attitude, aggressive stance and legacy of automotive bad-assery, the 2021 Bronco is the epitome of cool on four wheels. Take one look and you can easily imagine it jumping sand dunes as well as cruising the boulevard. There's just something in this Ford's looks that beckons you to call in sick and spend the day driving through the forest and enjoying the great outdoors.

Capable Off-Road

Ford didn't invest just in appearance, cool looks, and design details. The Ford Bronco features very capable off-road hardware, the most expansive ground clearance in its class, an abundantly sturdy chassis, heavy-duty components from front to back, and much more. It's clearly designed to be at home where the pavement stops and be a dependable sidekick in your off-road adventures. There are precious few cars currently available that fit this description, so the Ford Bronco is in pretty select company. 

Filled with Innovative Tech

In addition to its sturdy chassis, transfer cases, and suspension components, the 2021 Bronco comes with an array of interesting and innovative tech elements -- including its unique trail-oriented navigation system, Sasquatch off-road package, 7-speed manual transmission, one-pedal-drive system, and more. Add to that some very cool details, like removable doors and roof panel and even a can opener on its rear tailgate and you have one very singular vehicle.


The base 2021 Bronco Sport starts at just over $28,000, while the base, two-door Bronco comes in at just under $30,000. With its featured 2.3-liter four-cylinder putting 270 hp on tap, this is an outstanding deal and great value. Nearly any other comparable model is significantly more expensive, while still taking a back seat in terms of appearance, technology, and sheer cool factor.

A Gateway to Amazing Weekends in Nature

What's the point of owning an exceedingly capable off-roader if you don't take it off-road? Forget drag racing or track days -- off-roading is the hottest new automotive craze. Just think of all the trails, paths, and remote areas just waiting to be discovered. Whether you want to cruise the dunes or embark on a proper expedition, the new Bronco makes for one very willing, capable partner. No more boring weekends in the city, you'll now have the right equipment for spending time in nature.


In a sea of pointless, generic SUVs, that are so commonly represent in its class, the 2021 Bronco is a long overdue breath of fresh air. This is a ride very much designed to appeal to the active enthusiast -- far more than the oversized and boring glorified station wagons we so commonly see on the asphalt, whose defining feature is all too often the sheer number of cupholders they boast. This distinction makes it undeniably unique and recognizable -- rare attributes in today's increasingly dull automotive industry.

Easy to Modify

Ford is deliberately making the new Bronco easy to modify, offering it with an impressive array of dealer-installed options to go along with its ready customization via aftermarket items. They realize that the temptation to take the already capable and endlessly cool Bronco to the next level is plenty substantial.

There's no doubt that most owners will be setting their sights on aftermarket wheels or similar details, but there are already specialized shops gearing up to offer significant chassis upgrades, engine modifications, and even full-on engine swaps. In particular, since Ford will not be offering a V8 in the Bronco, there will be many ambitious owners looking to put a Coyote 5.0 in their 2021 Bronco, despite the implications it would have on the factory warranty.


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