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Jim Farley Just Revealed That the Bronco Raptor Is Coming In 2022!

Jim Farley Just Revealed That the Bronco Raptor Is Coming In 2022!

For more than a year, we've been reporting about the Bronco Warthog (aka  Raptor), a dedicated off-road version of the new Bronco, which Ford has extensively tested all over Dearborn.

There have been numerous spy shots of the vehicle in various disguises, but its aggressive stance and massive tires are pretty hard to conceal. Ford even published a few official photos of the super Bronco being tested in the desert, but remained mum about its possible release date, engine choices, trim levels, and price.

However, a few days ago, some decidedly determined Bronco fans found vital information about the upcoming model in Ford’s ordering software. It was revealed that the mystery model would feature its own body style and that it would be arriving in two trim levels. This version of the Bronco will be available in 2022, and it has its own body codes 373A and 374A (for the upscale version).

Apart from a few color codes, nothing more could be extracted from the program.

The release of this information resonated throughout the off-roading community, and it looks like Ford was a bit caught off guard by the leak. So much so that just a week later, we now have an official confirmation, a short video, and the first teaser shots of the upcoming Bronco Raptor!

Yes, the Bronco Raptor -- since Ford will be using Raptor name for the new models -- as you will see in the video below. The Warthog name was used for the prototype and in the development phase, and it might possibly reappear later for some other versions or models.

The 16-second clip, while it doesn't reveal much, does show that the Bronco Raptor would be available in Ford's Code Orange color, which is a popular choice on the Ford F-150 Raptor. It also showed that the Bronco Raptor will have a massive “Ford” script on the grille to differentiate it from the regular model, which has “Bronco” between the headlights.

So, we now have confirmation about the general release date (2022 model), and we have proof of the decided-upon name (Raptor). So, what about the rest? We know that it will feature advanced suspension components and that it will be extremely capable on the trail, something that could be concluded from the cloud of dust covering the Bronco in the video.

But we still don’t know what engine it will have. The initial rumors centered on Ford using its 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6, which carries around 400 hp, but we have our doubts about that.

The main reason for our suspicion is the fact that Jeep Wrangler 392 has 470 hp, and we know that Ford will likely feel the need to top that. Secondly, Jim Farley, Ford’s CEO, wrote on his Twitter post, “Hold on to your butt,” which should help get us excited by the sheer power and performance of the upcoming super Bronco.

Truthfully, we can't wait for the official release.

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