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Ford Made The 2021 Bronco A Perfect Vehicle For All Kinds Of Modifications

Ford Made The 2021 Bronco A Perfect Vehicle For All Kinds Of Modifications

Throughout its history, the Ford Bronco has been an 'enthusiast's' machine as well as a dependable workhorse for various commercial and government services. This "dual personality" was exactly what Ford was hoping when designing and engineering this model.

However, while performance-minded users demanded dependability and quality, commercial and public sector customers wanted modularity and a way to customize their Broncos. In the beginning, Ford didn't offer all that many options. Still, the SUV's overall design layout welcomed modifications that inspired a whole aftermarket community and gave rise to numerous products that could enhance both your Bronco's visual appeal or off-road capabilities.


Fast forward a couple of decades, and we now have a brand-new Bronco designed to continue the glorious tradition of its ancestors -- as the choice of professionals as well as enthusiasts who want one of the best off-road SUVs money can buy.

This time around, Ford knows that customization is key, and from the very beginning of the development, it was one of the design imperatives. The idea of the modular vehicle goes far beyond just the number of available options, components, and exterior parts. To make a truly customizable vehicle, engineers and designers needed to construct a platform that would welcome modifications and allow customers the fast and straightforward removal and installation of various body parts, suspension components, and trim.


For starters, the new 2021 Bronco is constructed from a new and innovative type of steel. Called Fortiform 980 GI and produced by a company called ArcelorMittal, this revolutionary material is known for being much more robust than regular steel and is capable of being stretched into 35% thinner panels than its more commonly used counterpart, while still retaining its structural rigidity and strength.

This material is used for creating the chassis, floor panels, and other structural parts of the 2021 Bronco. The result is an appreciable weight savings of 150 pounds. A lighter vehicle with a more robust platform means that customers can mount more components onto it.


Second, from the very start, Ford wanted its Bronco to have removable doors in order to compete with Jeep Wrangler, which has had this feature for a long time. Engineering the door latch and keeping the functionality, protection, and usability of such doors was a challenge.

Still, Ford's engineers managed to pull it off and make it one of the new Bronco's coolest features. All it takes is the removal of two bolts, the detachment of the electric connector and then packing the doors into specially-designed bags that comes with the vehicle. From there, you just follow the instructions and pack them into the trunk. The same goes for the hardtop, which cannot be folded and put into the trunk, of course. But it can be taken off and set aside very quickly since it's made of light, composite material.


This is just the beginning. Ford also deliberately made the Bronco's rear fenders, fender flares, front grille, and both front and rear bumpers very easy to remove and replace. With the removal of only a few bolts, you can take off these components and replace them with Ford's own optional units, or with various aftermarket products. You don't need special equipment normally reserved for professionals --  you can do it in your driveway with common tools and just a little elbow grease.

This is a very useful feature -- not only in terms of customization, but also in case of accident damage. Say you damaged your grille or rear quarter panel; you just get a replacement one and bolt it back on.


There are other aspects and advantages to such modularity. By allowing  customers to change the appearance, driving characteristics, and overall design features of their cars, Ford is cleverly prolonging the life cycle of the two and four-door Bronco models.

Simply put, vehicles that can be modernized with a few add-ons can be kept relevant for much longer than models with a more  "fixed" design. All of this suggests that the 2021 Bronco will not be just a "one-hit wonder" and that Ford has great plans for this model.  

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