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Ford Dealers Will Have Special Facilities Dedicated To Bronco Lineup

Ford Dealers Will Have Special Facilities Dedicated To Bronco Lineup

Even though the 2021 Ford Bronco's full-scale production has yet to commence, it's not too early to talk about the enormous success of this model. We can look at it through sheer numbers and future sales figures, which is perfectly fine but a bit superficial.

The Bronco's success revolves around not just the amount of money Ford will make while selling them like hotcakes, but also in something much more important. 

The Bronco's resurrection might have started with determining just how to sell more cars in an overcrowded SUV market, but Ford's efforts soon turned out to be the start of a revolution that caught all other companies sleeping.

This is not just about another cool SUV; the Bronco's return represents a whole new concept in designing and building vehicles that should re-introduce off-road driving in a segment that lost its way through years of making SUVs more on-road friendly and comfortable.

Just like the sale of vinyl records have recently surpassed that of compact discs, the remastered Ford Bronco will dominate over a currently bleak competition characterized by comfy, soccer mom crossovers.

But, Ford now has a different challenge. There's no doubt that the Bronco nameplate has enormous potential, and it's already a very influential vehicle. The rising question centers on just how to capture that potential, emphasize the model's uniqueness and show people that this 4x4 is not just another Ford SUV. It's a Bronco.

The first step in distancing the new Bronco from the rest of Ford's lineup will be to create separate dealerships that will be dedicated solely to this model. 

The idea of creating separate dealerships for a particular model or sub-brand isn't a new one -- many companies have tried that. Some such dealerships were successful, but most were perceived to be nothing more than pretentious. 

However, in the Ford Bronco's case, the idea of a separate dealership didn't originate from Ford. It came from its dealers, which collectively saw the need for designated space dedicated only to the Bronco line, its current and future models, and a wealth of additional equipment, parts, and accessories.

But the primary objective here isn't just about separating the Bronco from the F-150, for example. This dedicated dealership concept is designed to promote the Bronco lifestyle, with furnishings that mimic the cabin in the woods and greet  visitors with earth tones, stone walls, wood furniture, and a cozy feel. Likely, the most distinctive feature of the perspective Bronco dealerships will be their open fire pits,  which is the closest thing you can get to camping in an urban area. 

Since this idea came from the dealerships and not from Ford itself, the company expects its biggest dealerships to build around 100 Bronco dealerships next year. So far, we only have these computer renderings, which got us excited already, but actual dealerships should look pretty much like these pictures. They'll be located next to Ford's standard resale locations and will probably have a separate entrance and parking lot.

At the moment, the proposed size is around 3,800 square feet, which is enough to include space for at least three Broncos, a visitor's area, and a Bronco accessories shop and show room.

Ford's signature Blue Oval logo will not be visible anywhere -- dealerships will feature Bronco logos exclusively. The dealerships that suggested this to Ford are more than confident that the additional investment in such facilities will pay off while helping promote the new Bronco as a separate brand and unique lifestyle vehicle in Ford's model lineup.  

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