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Ford Bronco Warthog - What We Know So Far

Ford Bronco Warthog - What We Know So Far

While the 2021 Bronco is one of the hottest cars to be released in the last few years, legions of fans of the model are even more hyped about the upcoming “Super Bronco.”

This more extreme version of the already capable and undeniably cool-looking Ford’s SUV will show to what an elevated level -- both aesthetically and in terms of performance -- the Bronco can be taken, upon emerging straight from the factory.

Some fans have even taken to calling this upcoming model the “Bronco Raptor,” nod to a couple of its performance-centric Ford stablemates, but Ford insists that the new “Uber” Bronco will be named Warthog.

Interested in learning more? We bet you are.

Now let’s see what this unique vehicle will bring us.

What is it?

As soon as the final design of the standard 2021 Bronco was released, and official photos started igniting the imagination of millions of fans across the globe, hawk-eyed car paparazzi from Detroit noticed a strange-looking test mule. It was the prototype of the 2021 Bronco running down the boulevards around Dearborn, but it wasn’t like any they had seen before.

This specimen had a far menacing stance, bigger tires, a masked body kit, and a much more aggressive engine note. Fans began speculating that, along with the 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport, Ford would release the ultimate off-road spec Raptor Bronco, but very soon, a press release coming straight from the manufacturer note that the test mule they had been gawking at was, in fact, an example of the upcoming Bronco Warthog.


The Warthog has been meticulously designed to be the most extreme off-road vehicle ever to be created by Ford for release to the general public.

The Warthog will likely be occupying a position relative to the Bronco parallel to what the Raptor is to the F-150 truck series. This means that this particular SUV will feature completely distinct drive train components, engine, chassis enhancements, and trim details.

So far, judging by photographs snapped on the street, we can see that Ford is dead serious about the development of its awe-inspiring, admittedly ambitious mission.


At the moment, the top engine option for 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport is 2.7-liter Ecoboost V6 offering 310 hp -- more than adequate power for what this SUV is designed for. However, true off-road aficionados were a bit disappointed when Ford announced that Bronco would not be getting a V8 engine option. Ford explained that their decision has to do with the packaging and tight engine bay featured in the new Bronco, but we think that once the 2021 Bronco hits the streets, clever tuners will find a way to shoehorn Coyote V8 in it.

In the meantime, Jeep announced the arrival of the Wrangler 392, powered by a 6.2-liter Hemi churning out a full 470 hp under the hood, making the Bronco’s 310 hp feel somewhat inadequate by comparison.

That's why the Warthog will come with a 3.5-liter, twin-turbo Ecoboost good for at least 450 hp (we expect it to be closer to 500 hp) -- probably the same unit installed in the F-150 Raptor.

Admittedly, it's still not a V8, but it leaves no doubt that the Warthog will definitely have enough firepower to battle the pesky Hemis.

Suspension and chassis

Sheer power means very little if it isn’t backed with a competent suspension and chassis architecture. Judging from those spy photos, the chassis features some noticeable upgrades, mostly centered on enhanced strength and features very advanced suspension components, enormous off-road tires, and unique shocks.


As you can see, the Warthog test mule is equipped with gigantic 37-inch BFGoodrich K02 All-Terrain tires, bigger axles, and anti-roll bars. However, the biggest news is the inclusion of Fox Live Wire adaptive dampers -- special and very advanced components like those you can find on the F-150 Raptor.

These shocks are an absolute "must-have" for those wanting to step into it while off-roading. Based on its decision to include substantial power, and a heavy-duty parts and chassis, it looks like Ford is intent on making Warthog Bronco into a real desert runner.

Availability and price

The latest news that 2021 Bronco deliveries would be pushed until the summer of 2021 disappointed fans who were expecting to see the new SUV on the streets by early next year. Accordingly, the Bronco Warthog, despite looking production-ready and complete, will not be available at least until 2022 -- probably as a 2023 model.

It's a logical move: the standard Bronco will need to fight for its place in enthusiast’s hearts first, before Ford busts out its thoroughly enhanced, performance-centric counterpart.

As far as pricing, we can only speculate. If the loaded versions of 2021 Broncos have an MSRP of around $50,000, we can expect that such a powerful and capable model will carry a significantly higher price.



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Theodore Budzinski - January 16, 2021

Put v8 in whart hog it will sell like hot cakes

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