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Everything You Need To Know About the 2022 Bronco

Everything You Need To Know About the 2022 Bronco

Thus far, the 2021 Bronco's story has been anything but ordinary. Production for the new model has had far more than its share of problems, even though the Bronco has really only been officially on sale for just a few months.

That's why Ford is concentrating on the 2022 model year, which hopefully will be free of any further distractions, production delays, or supply shortages. Despite the fact that a substantial number of  2021 Broncos won't be delivered until 2022, tomorrow -- the 13th of October 2021 -- Ford will open ordering for its 2022 models, which will make their way to customers sometime next year.

Here's what you need to know if you are planning to reserve a 2022 Bronco.

What's New:

There will be no significant changes between the 2021 and 2022 Bronco model years. We'll still have a choice of two and four-door configurations, six trim levels, two engines, and two transmissions. The good news is that a manual transmission will be available with the Sasquatch package, but only in tandem with the smaller 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine.

As far as the exterior is concerned, the biggest news is that two new colors will be introduced – Eruption Green and Hot Pepper Red. Also, Cyber Orange will be available on all trim levels. 

In addition, the new, more rugged steel bumper will be standard on upper trim levels (Badlands and Black Diamond). The roof rails will also be available on four-door models with Sasquatch trim. For an official order guide, click HERE.


The interior remains essentially unchanged, besides a few minor details, like the availability of upgraded floormats on all Bronco variations, except the Black Diamond. Some units may have dealer-installed options, and there could be several small additional changes over the course of the model year.

What's Gone:

Unfortunately, the Anti-Matter Blue, Lightning Blue, and Rapid Red color choices are all being deleted, which is a shame, in our opinion. These were pretty popular colors, and we really hope that Ford will bring them back. Also, the First Edition model is gone, as expected, but it could be replaced by the Everglades model, which we know very little about.


Seemingly as always, with the new model year comes a slight price bump. 2022 Bronco prices start at $29,300 MSRP, which represents about a $1,500 increase over the outgoing model year. The four-door Base Bronco will set you back $33,450, and the price goes up to $49,475 for the Bronco Wildtrak four-door model. For a complete price list, click HERE

Of course, since the demand for this model is still extremely high, we can expect that dealer markups and market adjustments will continue in 2022, meaning that Broncos will sell for significantly more than the list price. If you want to order a Bronco and want to avoid being screwed by the dealer, we advise you to read about how to negotiate the MSRP price and how to avoid paying the “ransom.”

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