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Don't Buy The 2021 Ford Bronco If...

Don't Buy The 2021 Ford Bronco If...

Ever since 2004 and release of the Ford Bronco Concept vehicle, Ford had  come to realize that emotions surrounding this legendary nameplate were going to be very strong. Back in the early 2000s, the market was strong for comfortable and soft SUVs, while more traditional off-roaders were losing ground.

Today, more than a decade and a half later, we're ready to embrace the magic of the super-capable, tough, and retro-futuristic SUV and reintroduce ourselves to the wonders of real off-road driving, camping trips, and overland expeditions.

The excitement regarding the 2021 Bronco is impressive. It just shows how the average buyer has become bored with the standard and useless models in this segment. These vehicles only mimicked off-road capabilities and were never really meant to leave the familiar highways and shopping mall parking lots.

By contrast, the 2021 Bronco is unconventional, uncompromising, fresh, and brave. So far, Ford has received over 230,000 orders, and the estimate is that the real figure of potential 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport will be double that.

That being said, the 2021 Bronco is not for everyone, even though it seems that, at present, everyone wants one. We feel that the 2021 Bronco is a unique ride that demands a specific type of owner, although it does appeal to a wide range of customers and it's priced within reach of a large segment of the market.

The truth is that the new Bronco or Bronco Sport isn't the right car for some owners, no matter how good, cool, or capable it is. That's why we compiled a list of five groups of motorists -- if you find yourself in any of them, unfortunately, you may not be Bronco material.   

  1. People Who Don’t Take Their SUVs Off-Road

The SUV segment has been comprised into complacency by buyers who never take their cars off-road. Once capable and tough models have been transformed into modern-day family station wagons with all-wheel-drive and slightly higher ground clearance. By contrast, the 2021 Bronco is an SUV rebel that puts the fun of owning a highly capable vehicle back into the segment. If your driving will be limited to taking your Bronco to and from the office, onto the highway, and on weekend shopping excursions, you're entirely missing the point of owning such a vehicle.


The 2021 Bronco, and even the Bronco Sport are designed and engineered to drive off-road and in challenging conditions. They're in their element out in the open, on the dirt, in the mud and sand. Yes, the 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport look cool on the dealership lot, but they'll look much cooler, when they're dirty and muddy from a wild ride on the trail. The new Bronco is much more than just a weekend toy; it's a statement, lifestyle choice, and declaration of automotive freedom.

  1. People Who Don’t Want Attention

There's nothing wrong with being a shy, private person, and if you want to be discrete about your life, we totally get it. But, in that case, don't buy a 2021 Bronco or Bronco Sport. People who recently got their hands on the brand-new Bronco Sport have reported that they've received the same level of attention from other motorists and car enthusiasts as might be expected from driving a bright yellow Lamborghini.


Just wait until the 2021 Bronco is released later this year. If you're one of the lucky people who will be parking it in front of their house, it won't be long until you tire from random people taking pictures of your car and selfies along with it. Be prepared to answer countless questions at stoplights, parking lots, and finding paparazzo pictures of your Bronco on social media.

It could prove exhausting, but this is what happens when you drive one of the most anticipated car world premieres of the last decade or so.

  1. People Who Don’t Want to Modify Their Broncos

The 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport are perfectly off-road capable straight from the dealer’s floor, and as we saw in recent road tests, car journalists are amazed just how good the Bronco Sport is on the trail. We can't wait to see what the standard 2021 Bronco is capable of, and simply by reading the tech sheet we can see it's prepared to really impress while off-road.


However, a big part of the appeal of owning such a vehicle is its modification potential and the enormous amount of aftermarket parts, components, details, and add-ons that are and will be available.

The 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport are just waiting to be personalized and turned into even more dedicated and capable machines. Yes, you can take them to extremes and make off-road beasts with little or no everyday usability, or you can personalize them and make them singularly recognizable and unique.

Either way, it's very hard to resist the temptation to modify your Bronco, but we suggest you shouldn’t even try it if you aren't up to the challenge. On the other hand, you can buy the new 2021 Bronco and dive straight into the exciting world of aftermarket parts.

  1. People Who Are Looking for Third-Row Seating 

The 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport are compact-sized SUVs with an emphasis on capable technology, heavy-duty components, and dedicated off-road features. Nevertheless, they're still immensely usable and practical -- especially the Bronco Sport -- but if you're looking for an infinite number of power sockets, cup holders, and third-row seating, then you're in the wrong place.


The 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport aren't really geared simply to make your life more convenient with autopilot systems, remote opening tailgates, and massaging seats. If you want that, go buy some run-of-the-mill, anonymous SUV from a random manufacturer. The Bronco tandem is here to make your life more fun, your daily commute more exciting, and to prompt you to pack your camping gear for a weekend in the forest.

Sure, the 2021 Bronco lineup’s standard and optional feature levels are pretty comprehensive, but the point of these vehicles is not how clean the sound from their audio systems is, but how well they perform off-road.

  1. People Who Don’t Know Anything About Cars

Even though the 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport are modern vehicles equipped with state of the art systems and electronic aids, their appeal is largely based on their mechanical layout and rugged, capable components. The new Broncos are easy to tinker with, which is why they're so perfect for modifying. This engineering approach differentiates them from other vehicles in the segment and clearly aims the new Broncos toward buyers who know a thing or two about cars.


Simply put, in order to extract every bit of the Bronco’s capabilities, you have to have some level of knowledge about off-road vehicles in general. Imagine not knowing a thing and not understanding why you need to detach the sway bars to get maximum traction when going rock crawling. Even in the Bronco Sport, the already famous “G.O.A.T.” driving modes, which are super easy to use, require the driver to understand what they do and how to use them.  

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