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Bronco Raptor and Bronco Everglades Are Coming In 2022!

Bronco Raptor and Bronco Everglades Are Coming In 2022!

Ford is really hoping that all of its production delays and associated component problems have been left behind and that the Bronco can enter the 2022 model year without further issue. There have been some recent positive developments in this area.

Not only has there been Ford's promise of newly-delivered replacement hardtops that should perform properly in real world situations, along with the recent introduction of several gorgeous new Bronco colors, but now it looks like there are two entirely brand new Bronco variations on the horizon that were recently discovered by fans!

Apparently, we'll be seeing a Bronco Raptor early in 2022 -- probably as a mid-year release --  as well as an entirely new take on the Bronco, known as the Bronco Everglades, which we know nothing specific about as yet! 

A Bronco6g forum user recently made a post in which he revealed that he found two new models that had been added to Ford’s ordering system. Those two new models appeared with four-door designations, along with special body codes and a unique set of colors. One of the included body codes is E5J, which wasn’t available in the 2021 model year system. This suggests that the variation it represents will have a significantly different body and featured equipment than the current 2022 Bronco four-door.

We knew that the Bronco Raptor (otherwise known as the Warthog) was coming, but we believed that it would arrive as a 2023 model. Obviously, Ford is in a hurry to take on Wrangler's Rubicon 392 and reward fans for their patience through the whole Webasto thing. It would be available in two packages, 373A (base) and 374A (lux package). One of the possible colors planned for the Bronco Raptor is Code Orange, which has proven popular on the F-150 Raptor and is often used in promotional material.

So far, we also know that the upcoming super Bronco would be an ultimate off-road model that will feature entirely different suspension components, Fox shocks, BF Goodrich KO2 tires, special brakes, and chassis reinforcements, along with a lot more power.

It's almost certain that we'll be seeing a featured 3.0-liter EcoBoost engine that would be borrowed from the Explorer ST and would offer 400 hp and 415 lb/ft of torque. Since we've seen pictures of the hybrid Bronco Raptor/Warthog during testing, it's also possible that Ford will offer this model with a 3.5-liter hybrid engine -- probably as that 374A lux package.

Either way, we're pretty sure that official information will be released soon regarding the pending release of what should prove to be a very competent and immensely cool model.

The real mystery is just what the Bronco Everglades really is? We don’t have any relevant information, nor was there a special model visible during testing. If it were, we would have some photographs or inside rumors. We do believe that it's likely a luxury trim package that will be positioned above the Bronco First Edition, with upscale trim, details, and exclusive colors.

In fact, in the ordering system, one color was entirely exclusive to the Everglades package – Desert Sand. Recently, we also reported that there are talks of luxury models being introduced to take on the Defender and Mercedes G-Wagen, but nothing has been revealed. The Everglades could be it.

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