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A Practical Guide To Diecast 2021 Ford Bronco Models

A Practical Guide To Diecast 2021 Ford Bronco Models

The enormous hype surrounding the 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport may be impressive from the industry's standpoint, but it's very frustrating from a buyer's perspective.

First of all, the Bronco is currently in such high demand that if you weren't one of the fortunate few early adopters, you could wait for your car for at least a year. Second, if you think that you can just walk into the dealership and get yourself a shiny new Bronco, be prepared to pay insane sums of money --  like $150,000 for a First Edition model. Third, the Bronco is still sold only on the American market, although there are reports it will be eventually be offered elsewhere.

So, what to do if you're late to the party, don't have money to pay obnoxious dealer markups, or if you live abroad, but you're in desperate need of having a 2021 Bronco or Bronco Sport in your life in any shape or form?

Simple. Go get yourself a scale model and enjoy the sheer beauty of gorgeous retro-inspired design parked on your table.


From tiny to large-scale, diecast models have been an integral part of the car enthusiast's universe for as long as one can remember. For many of us, toy cars were a "gateway drug" to car culture from an early age.

Even once you're grown up, collecting scale models can be a serious passion that can grow to be almost as expensive as collecting real cars. In terms of size, the toy car industry is almost as big and profitable as the car industry itself, so it's hardly surprising that diecast manufactures were as excited as the rest of us when Ford announced the return of the Bronco.

At the moment, there are several exciting options if you're looking to collect Bronco castings or secure a scale model match of your real-life off-roader.

We're sure that this is just a beginning in terms of choices, variants, and versions, but there is definitely a tiny Bronco for every enthusiast.

2021 Bronco by Hot Wheels

World-famous Hot Wheels has produced numerous Bronco castings over the years, starting from early '70s models to today's offerings. However, until 2021 all Hot Wheels Broncos were replicas of the classic models from various model years.

This year, the mainstream model lineup includes a 2021 Bronco in two-door spec, with the hardtop in three colors: white, blue, or orange. It's a well-executed model with big wheels, and it looks like it's equipped with the Sasquatch package, although it's hard to confirm this detail on a 1:64 scale toy car.

We're sure that Hot Wheels will produce a premium version and release other Bronco models in the future, but this is a great start. It only costs $1, and you can find it anywhere.


2021 Bronco And Bronco Sport by Matchbox

When the 2021 Bronco was unveiled, the Mattel Toy Company bought a license for the whole Bronco line and divided their resulting work between the Hot Wheels and Matchbox brands. The two-door model was released under the Hot Wheels umbrella, while the four-door Bronco appeared as a Matchbox casting.

Slightly more realistic, with better proportions and a gorgeous burgundy hue, the Matchbox Bronco has a matching hardtop (still unavailable on the real car) and see-through glass. It's a great model and will make a nice combo with Hot Wheels' four-door version.

In addition, for 2022 Matchbox will introduce a Ford Bronco Sport model to complete the set. We've yet to see pictures of the finished product, but knowing how realistic Matchbox cars always are, we're sure it will be very good.


2021 Bronco by Maisto

If the small, 1:64 scale models from Hot Wheels and Matchbox aren't considered true collector's pieces, then the larger and more detailed 1:24 and 1:18 scale models from Maisto certainly are.

This company was the first to offer big and heavy diecast Broncos in two scales and two versions that mimic their real-life counterparts. You can get a Bronco Wildtrak with roof and doors and a Bronco Badlands without roof and with doors removed.

Whichever version you choose, you'll get a working suspension, a hood that opens and closes, a detailed interior and engine compartment, functioning steering, and lots of other cool features.

Although those models are significantly more expensive than the ones we've previously featured, they're still affordable at around $40, and they will look perfect on your table or bookshelf.

2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport by Greenlight

In the world of 1:64 scale, there's a significant difference between inexpensive toy cars, like the mainstream Hot Wheels or Matchbox models, and more upscale, more detailed and better-casted replicas from companies like Greenlight, which makes very realistic collector's pieces.

Apart from the numerous gorgeous classic Broncos this company has produced over the years, in 2021 Greenlight debuted all three new Bronco models. Greenlight is justifably proud of their very accurate replicas of real-life vehicles, and all their 2021 Broncos have realistic proportions, design features, and colors.

There's even a very cool, limited edition 2021 Bronco Wildtrak model in four-door trim, towing a boat .

As one of the leading brands producing upper echelon 1:64 scale models, Greenlight has also been recognized by Ford. That's why a special set of three models (consisting of two and four-door Broncos and the Bronco Sport) produced by Greenlight was recently sent by Ford to customers as a care package. The models are designed to mimic the official photos and feature the same colors.

Honorable Mention – 1993 Bronco By Hot Wheels

In 1993, Ford produced 32,281 Broncos, but only one particular specimen ultimately became world-famous as the "getaway" vehicle in one of the defining moments caught on live TV.

You probably guess which one it is -- that infamous 1993 Bronco was the object of a slow car chase down Highway 405 in Los Angeles. The white Bronco carried O.J. Simpson, who at the time was a prime suspect in a murder case. Over 95 million viewers saw the Bronco moving down the highway, and if you want to be a proud owner of this actual car, it's on sale with a $750,000 price tag. However, you can get one for much cheaper if you set your sights on a 1:64 scale model of this exact car, made by Hot Wheels -- definitely a must-have for any real Bronco fan. It's an older release but it still can be found online.


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