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2022 Bronco Everglades - What We Know So Far

2022 Bronco Everglades - What We Know So Far

After so many delays, Bronco assembly lines are finally ramping back up, and those highly sought-after SUVs are being delivered to buyers. Ford is also preparing for the 2022 model year, when it will be introducing two special models – the Bronco Raptor (the Warthog name has obviously been retired) and the Bronco Everglades.

We know a lot about the Bronco Raptor, but what exactly is the Bronco Everglades? Here's what we know so far.

The Bronco Everglades was first mentioned in the summer of 2020, when Ford trademarked the name -- first in the U.S. and then a month later in Mexico.  Company insiders hadn't mentioned it until the model variant recently popped up in ordering software, suggesting it will be available for order as a mid-year introduction in 2022.

A couple of days ago, dealers were informed that the model would be arriving in about eight months, but nobody was able to elaborate on the Bronco Everglades' specifics. 

The Facts

According to what we know from ordering software and spy photos, we can tell you that the Bronco Everglades will be a limited production model, most likely available from late 2022 to the late 2023 model year. It will be available only as a four-door model and will feature its own unique color – Desert Sand. At the moment, it's unclear if this will be the only color available or whether there will be others. We can expect a unique graphics package, as well. 

The Bronco Everglades will feature a marine-grade vinyl interior that's designed to stand up exceptionally well to moisture and dirt. It will also be equipped with a winch and snorkel straight from the factory, which suggests that Ford is preparing the Bronco Everglades for some very muddy trails. This model will also be equipped with some type of roof rack as a factory item.

When it goes on sale in the summer of 2022, we can expect the model to carry an MSRP of around $45,000. The Everglades will initially be offered for the U.S. and Mexican markets.

The Speculation

As always, we're encountering more speculation than actual facts. Spy photos tend to fuel conjecture, after all. The rumors are that Ford will take extra steps to make this model even more special, equipping it with unique features which will make it the ultimate overlanding vehicle.

The roof rack you see in the pictures may be, in fact, a solar panel designed to provide electricity for lights, power tools -- or at the very least for charging up your phone. The wooden box that's visible in the pictures isn't part of the standard equipment -- it's just a housing for measuring equipment used during testing.

Some sources also state that only the more powerful 2.7-liter V6 will be available in the Bronco Everglades. It's also possible that Ford will offer a 3.0-liter EcoBoost (the same engine featured in the Raptor) but with less power and torque.

At the moment, there's nothing included in the ordering software that would back those claims, but we would like to see Ford introduce more engine options. 

The Everglades will likely also feature a bunch of unique details -- a cargo box, grill design, and so on -- which would further distinguish it from the rest of the Bronco lineup.

We don’t have any information yet as to whether or not the Sasquatch package will be part of the deal or not, but that will be revealed soon. Also, some prototypes have been spotted with curious-looking electrical wires all around the vehicle. We don’t know if this means that Ford is testing a hybrid version or if a solar panel is really a part of the Everglades standard equipment.

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