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2021 Ford Bronco Concepts

2021 Ford Bronco Concepts

If you are a car enthusiast, you probably know that the hype surrounding the 2021 Ford Bronco is unbelievable. The First Edition is already sold out, and over 230,000 people already reserved the Bronco or Bronco Sport. We can say that Ford didn’t have such a hit since April of 1964 and first-generation Mustang’s eponymous release.

Ford is well aware of the instant popularity of the 2021 Bronco, and even before the first examples have been delivered to the customers, the company’s concept car department was already busy creating prototype vehicles. Designed to showcase the possibilities and further enhance the appeal of the newest off-roader from Dearborn, we present to you three new 2021 Bronco concepts which are generating attention across the industry. Bronco Overland, Bronco Sasquatch, and Bronco Wildland Fire Rig Concept are the latest addition to the 2021 Bronco hype.

2021 Ford Bronco Overland Concept

Even though the Bronco Overland Concept has the same power as the standard model, it is still a very interesting vehicle since it is basically a rolling showroom of Ford’s accessories and additional equipment. Designed as the ultimate camping Bronco, Overland Concept comes with everything you need to survive in the wilderness. Based on almost fully loaded Badlands Bronco and painted in cool Area 51 gray color, Overland comes with a unique Ford Performance front bumper as well as with massive 35-inch tires and modified suspension.

But this is just a start; Bronco Overland has a roof-mounted tent, unique all-around lights package, refrigerator, cooling kit, and stove, all as a part of the luggage management system. The rear side windows are just flat panels that can be removed and the vehicle comes fully packed with all overland necessities and equipment. Even though we live in an era of smartphones and GPS systems, Ford mounted a CB antenna on the rear bumper, and it is a cool touch. 

The Bronco Overland concept will certainly not be a production vehicle. However, you can make one just like this if you opt for all Ford accessories and additional equipment from the dealer 

2021 Ford Bronco Sasquatch Concept

The name Sasquatch is already known to Bronco fans as a dedicated off-road package that is optional on some and standard on higher trim levels. However, for the 2020 SEMA show (which will be held virtually), Ford decides to build a Sasquatch concept car and visualize all our off-road fantasies about the new Bronco.

That is why we like the Bronco Sasquatch Concept the most. Just look at it; it is a two-door model, without roof or doors, with cut-out fenders, enormous wheels and tires, extreme off-road suspension kit, and numerous other custom touches. The drive train, except the wheels, is completely stock, and this concept vehicle has 2.7-liter EcoBoost V8 with 310 hp sending the power to all four wheels over a 10-speed automatic.

Although the Bronco Sasquatch Concept is just one of several Ford vehicles destined for this year’s SEMA show, we can already say that his one is our favorite.

2021 Ford Bronco Wildland Fire Rig Concept

The unfortunate reality is that a big part of our country is often affected by forest fires, which cause almost irreversible damage to nature as well as the forest communities. As a company, Ford is well aware of that, and that is why it created a Wildland Fire Rig Concept with the help of Filson, one of the biggest names in the outdoor clothing and equipment business.

The “Filson” Bronco is a fully-equipped first response fire vehicle, and Ford already donated two of them to fire-fighting units in California. Underneath the green paint is Bronco Badlands with Sasquatch package but fitted with numerous custom details and components. Since this is a fully-functional fire truck, the luggage compartment features a 50-gallon water tank, pumps, and hoses. 

There are also a special front bumper, winch, and roof rack with LED lights. Ceramic coating is used on several parts for durability and fire resistance. The essence of this concept is to be able to get close to the fire and extinguish it, so everything on it must be able to withstand the heat.

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