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10 Coolest Easter Eggs You Can Find On a 2021 Bronco

10 Coolest Easter Eggs You Can Find On a 2021 Bronco

As you know, the 2021 Bronco is a masterpiece of retro-futuristic design, as well as a perfect example of automotive reincarnation. Even though the Bronco isn't the first model to be brought back from the dead, it is probably the most accurate recreation of the original Bronco concept. The proportions, the features, the details, and the purpose are all faithfully recreated for 21st-century buyers.

However, a big part of the whole Bronco mystique is represented with its so-called  “Easter Eggs". Easter eggs are a common term for tiny details, logos, and features that are hidden in a car's overall design. They're very interesting to search for, as they represent the designer’s nod to a model’s iconic past. In the 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport, there are dozens of them, and today we'll tell you more about the coolest ones.

1. Headlights With The Horse Logo

Apart from the basic design of the headlights, which look like the 1966 model, and the overall look of the grille, there is a small Easter egg there. It's the horse logo engraved into the edge of the daytime running lights. Yes, it's small and hard to see, but it is there, and it’s fantastic.

 2. Bolts

Not a lot of people generally pay attention to bolts, which is precisely what makes this Easter egg so cool. The Ford designers decided to mark every Torx bolt you can find in the cabin with the Bronco script and dimension (8.8). Interestingly, the bolts used to hold the removing parts like a roof or the doors are slightly different, so you can know which goes where.

 3. “Lift Me Baby”

Ford knows that most Bronco owners will install sizable off-road tires the minute they roll their Bronco off the showroom floor, so Ford prepared them a welcome message in the form of the “Lift Me Baby” script pressed into inner fenders. Even though you can get massive 35-inch tires on some models, we know that it's just the beginning for some Bronco enthusiasts.

 4. 1966 Bronco Lineup

The Ford Bronco debuted in August of 1965 as a 1966 model and was immediately met with praise from the motoring press and interest from the buying public. The Bronco had a unique chassis architecture, standard permanent all-wheel-drive and was sold in three distinct body styles – Wagon, Half Cab, and Roadster. The wagon was sold with a removable hardtop and proved to be most popular with customers. The Half Cab was an attractive pickup model with two front seats and a small truck bed behind the driver.

However, the rarest of the three was the Roadster. Every time you open the gas cap of your 2021 Bronco, you will be greeted with three small 1966 Broncos as a history lesson.

 5. Bottle Opener

The new 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport are full of exciting features and details that will make your life easier on and off-road. Apart from an ergonomically terrific interior, lots of storage spaces, and practical features, Ford outdid itself with one particular thing – a bottle opener. The 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport both have a small latch on the side of the trunk, which you can use as a bottle opener in case you forgot to bring one before you embarked on your Overlanding experience or camping trip. Even though it's small detail, it means a lot, especially if you are in the middle of nowhere and your beer is getting warm.

 6. Lasso

The Bronco story successfully connects the Wild West days with both modern nostalgia and the future of SUV vehicles, which makes the Bronco suitable for any surroundings, whether you find yourself exploring ghost towns in the desert or parking in front of the local mall.

However, for those who want more of that cowboy swagger, there is an exciting Easter egg in the form of a lasso on every hatch in the trunk. It's a simple but effective drawing which clearly tells you what you need to do.

 7. Tailgate Script

One of the Easter eggs hidden in plain sight is the tailgate script. It features the same pattern and font as the tailgate on the original 1966 model.

 8. G.O.A.T Modes

The original 1966 model was developed under the code G.O.A.T. (Goes On Any Terrain), and the designers of the 2021 model used that acronym for its driving modes. The G.O.A.T. sometimes means Greatest Of All Time, which indeed serves Ford’s intentions well.

 9. Camp Fire

If you order an optional side-opening tailgate on the 2021 Bronco, you will find an extraordinary little Easter egg. It's a drawing of a classic Bronco with a character sitting on the tailgate while enjoying a campfire. Precisely what every Bronco owner should do.

 10. Start Button

You've probably seen pictures of the 2021 Bronco's interior. Although it looks fantastic and purposeful at the same time . . .  take another look. See the start push button? Look familiar? Yes, it's a headlight design repurposed for the start/stop function.

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