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Ford Bronco Production Numbers Throughout the Years (1965-1996)

Ford Bronco Production Numbers Throughout the Years (1965-1996)

The popularity of the Ford Bronco is a well-known fact, and ever since this model was introduced in late 1965, it was a strong seller for Ford. However, it is interesting to revisit the production numbers for each generation and compare them to the industry's modern standards. Any serious Bronco enthusiast would like to know just how many of their favorite off-roader was made and what models and model years are rare.

Today, we will breakdown the production figures for 1966 to 1996 Broncos, and you might be surprised that they are lower than you would expect. The reason is simple; when the original Bronco was introduced, it was a niche vehicle that appealed to a specific group of people. Back in the day, sedans ruled the market, and Bronco, despite being affordable, was suitable only for a certain type of customer. Today, SUVs of all shapes and sizes are dominant, and production numbers for such vehicles are much higher.

First Generation (1966 – 1977)

During the 11 years, Ford produced exactly 207,347 examples of the first-generation Bronco. Ford sold most Broncos in its first production year – 23,776, and 1975 was its worst year with just 13,125 vehicles delivered to the customers. The modest production numbers, rust issues, and tough life that most of those Broncos had are primary reasons why the first generation is rare nowadays and sought-after by collectors.

Second Generation (1978 – 1979)

Even though the second generation was offered for just two years, it almost matched the previous model's production figures. When the 1978 Bronco was released, the customers snapped over 77,000 cars in the first year alone and over 100,000 in 1979. The bigger dimensions, more interior room, and features proved to be a winning combination and the second generation set the record with whopping 181,955 units produced in just two years.

Third Generation (1980 – 1986)

In 1980, Ford introduced a redesigned and improved third-gen Bronco, which continued with the second-gen model formula. Despite rising competition from Chevrolet, GMC, and Dodge, Ford managed to sell 328,063 units in 7 years, which could be considered a success. However, during that period, Ford assembled Bronco in Australia with right-hand-drive, and it unclear how many cars were made there and if they are included in this official figure.

Fourth Generation (1987 – 1991)

By the late '80s, Bronco was one of the definitive off-road SUVs on the market and the signature model produced by Ford. This meant that the sales were steady but not spectacular. The fourth-generation continued with the trend set by predecessors and was sold in decent numbers during its short lifespan. From 87 to 91, Ford delivered exactly 235,451 vehicles to the customers.

Fifth Generation (1992 – 1996)

The '90s marked the birth of the SUV market as we know it today. That meant that rugged and tough off-road vehicles like the Bronco were losing ground to more soft SUV models designed to be used in urban conditions. That is why Ford sold "only" 162,703 Broncos in a five-year production period. This was the biggest reason for discontinuing the Bronco after the 1996 model year.

Ford Bronco II (1984 – 1990)

The introduction of smaller, less powerful, and cheaper Bronco II proved to be a big success in terms of sales. Although not as capable or durable as "real" full-size Bronco, Bronco II was good enough for most customers. Right from the start, Bronco II outsold regular Bronco, and when the production ended in 1990, Ford was proud to announce that it had sold 627,304 units.

Modern Bronco and Bronco Sport (2021 - ) 

Following the introduction of 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport, the unbelievable hype translates into enormous interest from potential customers. Ford claims that there are over 230,000 reservations and that the 2021 models are practically sold out. That being said, we can already tell that the 2021 model will set the new production record in Bronco history and that this latest generation has the potential to bestselling the Bronco model yet.


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