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Bronco Weekly #8

Bronco Weekly #8

2021 Bronco Assembly Line Suffers Fire

Although Ford didn’t officially confirm or deny this news, an industry insider has shared information about a fire breaking out on Ford’s assembly line during preparations for full-scale Bronco production.

Apparently, Bronco presses were affected, but fortunately, nobody was hurt. Since there's no further information available at this time, we'd guess that the assembly line was brought back to order fairly quickly.


Setting up a brand-new production line  is a very complicated and sometimes dangerous process -- many things can go wrong, and a fire is just one of them. Luckily, factories are well-equipped for emergencies of this sort, so while this news may sound disturbing, we believe that this mishap won't cause any further delay.

Chip Foose Designs a Bronco Street Rod!

Chip Foose is one of the greatest names in modern automotive culture. From his ground-breaking concepts, prototypes, and custom cars to his successful TV career, Foose is among the most prominent living automotive designers and customizers. He's bleed with an enormous imagination, coupled with ultra-skilled hands that can draw, paint and create everything that he envisions.

Recently, Hagerty asked Chip to design its own 2021 Bronco, and the result is fantastic!

Although everybody would rightfully expect that Foose would create another off-road beast, he took a completely different route and made a true street rod. Low to the ground and with a “Targa” style top, the Foose Bronco is a stunning mix of the 2021 Mustang Mach I and a two-door Bronco. We really enjoyed watching  this video, and it gave us an entirely different perspective on the new Bronco.

Ford Maverick Is Set for Debut

While we don’t yet know how the upcoming Maverick will look, it's a very pivotal Ford model with close ties to the Ford Bronco Sport. For those not yet in the know about this vehicle, it's projected to be a compact-sized pickup that's smaller than the Ranger, and built on the Ford Escape and Bronco Sport platform. At this moment, it's slated to be the only compact truck offered on the US market.


While we're sure that the Escape/Bronco Sport platform is sufficient stout to underpin an SUV, we're interested to see if it will stand up the demands put on a small truck. Besides sharing chassis architecture, the Maverick and Bronco will also share a drivetrain that's anchored by a 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder as one of the available options.

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