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Bronco Weekly #7

Bronco Weekly #7

2021 Bronco Color Chart by Region

Even though it was recently announced that the 2021 Bronco will be available for selected South American and Middle Eastern markets, the domestic market will, of course, receive this highly sought-after off-road SUV first.

At the moment, the internet is buzzing about delivery dates, standard and optional equipment and aftermarket parts, and it looks like Ford has its hands full with processing all the orders that are pouring in.

While we still don't know the current sales breakdown of the various trim packages being offered, the list of the most popular colors nationwide recently appeared on a number of Bronco message boards.


Although the statistics didn't include all orders for the 2021 Bronco, we can see a trend very clearly, and it looks like Area 51 and Cactus Gray are the most popular colors in the American market. Cyber Orange is a close second place, and personally, we'd like to see more of Velocity Blue in the mix, as it looks extremely cool on the new Bronco. What's your favorite color for the 2021 Bronco?

Another Recall For 2021 Ford Bronco Sport

Just days after reporting about Ford's recall of 1,600 Ford Bronco Sports built between July and December of 2020, we received news of another recall. This time it's about incorrect front lower control arms being installed on a very small number of Broncos.

Thankfully, only 106 vehicles are affected by this problem, so this recall should be pretty swift.


Apparently, those vehicles have been fitted with the wrong parts, which, under extreme load, could compromise the handling of the vehicle and even cause a roll-over. Ford acted in a timely manner and issued a recall before anybody could experience such a scenario. Our source states that Ford contacted each owner and asked them to see the dealer immediately.

Ford Bronco 2-Door LWB

As we all know, Ford is offering a two-door Bronco and a slightly longer, four-door model. An inspired Bronco fan envisioned a third version and created a very cool 2-Door LWB (long-wheel-base) model or "longboard" Bronco with the help of image-enhancing software.

This is basically a two-door but built on a four-door chassis, which would provide owners with more trunk space, a longer wheel-base, and slightly better on-road comfort.


We're sure that Ford isn't really considering such a version, since its market appeal would be quite limited, but the idea is very entertaining nonetheless. After all, the Land Rover Defender (the old one) featured such a version that was used mainly by commercial users.

We do, however, believe that the Bronco Pickup is on its way.

How to Remove the Doors and Store Them in The Trunk?

One of the coolest features of the 2021 Bronco is its removable doors that can be easily stored in the back. It's standard on all Bronco models, and regardless of the model (two or four-door), the doors are quickly taken off and put in the back. Want to see how it's done? Here's the video:



The Full-Scale 2021 Bronco Production Will Begin in A Month

Although Ford produced exactly 99 brand new Broncos in January, and about the same amount in February, none of those cars will ever reach customers. All of them are pre-production vehicles, destined for testing and similar duties.

There is, however, good news coming from Ford, and it looks like full-scale production will commence in late March, a full month before it was initially slated.


Ford previously said that 2021 Bronco deliveries would start in June and July, but if regular production examples are being built in late March, we may well see them on dealer lots sooner. In any case, it's good to know that Broncos will be rolling off assembly lines soon and that they will be getting OKTB (OK to buy) approval.

A Dearborn Native Made a New Bronco Out of Snow! 

With the hype surrounding the 2021 Bronco reaching incredible levels, it's not surprising that some people will do anything to get this extremely desirable SUV in their driveway. . . .including making one for themselves out of snow!

Dearborn native Jacob DiMaria had done just that and created a life-sized Bronco out of the snow, which created enormous interest in his community.

This is not DiMaria's first snow sculpture -- a few years ago, a very accurate and impressive 1965 Mustang graced his lawn. This Ford fan choose the 2021 Bronco as this year's creation. We have to say that we are more than impressed by the perfect proportions and details and if you want to see more pictures of this masterpiece, follow the #thesnowbronco on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

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