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Bronco Weekly #38

Bronco Weekly #38

2022 Bronco Raptor And Everglades Are Getting Ready For Debut

The 2022 model year has officially started, with customers ordering new Broncos as we speak. The two most exciting premieres in the model line will no doubt be the insanely capable super-Bronco, the Raptor, and the well-equipped Bronco Everglades, which has been shrouded in a good degree of mystery up to this point.

This video was recently released, showing the capabilities of the 2022 Bronco Raptor, albeit in a slight disguise that conceals some of its body lines and trim details.

At the same time, we had our first official glimpse of the upcoming 2022 Bronco Everglades. The most intriguing details on this unique model are its winch and snorkel intake, which are part of the Everglades' standard package and show the true nature of this vehicle.

Ford Bronco In Australia

Even though the Bronco was offered to the Australian market back in the 80s, Ford is still mum about a possible future RHD version of the sixth generation Bronco that could be sold to customers from Down Under.

Australian fans would no doubt have significant interest, since the 4x4 community is huge down there, and the Bronco name is still well-known and respected. Until Ford officially offers the Bronco with the steering wheel on the right-hand side, a local company called Crossover Car Conversions has started offering properly equipped Broncos to Australian customers.

This is great news, but price will likely be a problem, since the basic Bronco is already pretty expensive with dealer markups, then there is shipping and the cost of conversion. The end result is a Bronco with a price tag of 150,000 Australian dollars.



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