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Bronco Weekly #37

Bronco Weekly #37

Sasquatch With Manual? You Can Order It Now

Ford’s ever-popular Sasquatch package, a well-publicized option on the Bronco, was first destined to be available only with a 10-speed automatic. However, due to the efforts of a group of eager Bronco fans who actively petitioned the manufacturer, Ford is now offering a very enticing development geared toward true enthusiasts – the Sasquatch package will now available with a 7-speed manual on 2022 models.

Just as a recap, the Sasquatch package includes 35-inch off-road rubber, electronic front and rear axles, Beadlock wheels, a 1.2-inch lift over the standard model, and Bilstein shocks. Interestingly, Sasquatch-equipped models make up almost half of all Broncos ordered, so this new development is pretty significant. 

Bronco Sport Is Ahead Of Jeep Cherokee In Sales

The popularity of the Bronco Sport has been evident for a while now, and this compact and off-road-oriented SUV has been in demand ever since the first units rolled off assembly lines in late 2020. But, just how popular is it?

Well, the Sport has managed to beat its main competitor while posting some pretty impressive sales figures for 2021. For example, through October, Ford delivered more than 90,000 Bronco Sports to buyers, while its main competitor, the Jeep Cherokee, managed to sell 80,000 units. Other competitors in this segment posted lower numbers. 

More Power In 2022?

Even though both engines in 2022 Bronco are well-engineered units designed to provide owners with plenty of grunt while still returning decent mileage, true off-road fanatics are always seeking more power.

That's why it's possible that Ford will soon offer some type of “performance pack" which will add a couple of extra horses for both its 2.3-liter and 2.7-liter V6 units. The rumor is that the 2.3 with a performance pack will deliver 300 hp and that the 2.7 could churn out a full 355 hp, which is considerably more than stock.

2022 Bronco Production Will Commence on December 15th

The original starting date for 2022 Bronco production was set for December 13th, but has been pushed back by two days. Ford is still struggling to deal with 2021 orders while also getting ready to accommodate its customers with 2022 models and customers.

Ford stopped taking orders for 2021 a couple of weeks ago and has directed buyers towards the 2022 model. There aren’t significant differences between the 2021 and 2022 models, apart from a few extra colors and some minor details. However, in the second part of 2022, two more models will be introduced (Raptor and Everglades), which are bound to attract more buyers.

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