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Bronco Weekly #36

Bronco Weekly #36

Bronco Heritage Edition 2022?

After plenty of nerve-wracking delays, 2022 is finally shaping up to be the year of the Ford Bronco, with full-scale production now up to speed and several new variations and special versions of the model either in the pipeline or already on display.

Apart from the upcoming Bronco Raptor and Bronco Everglades, which have already been announced to plenty of eager anticipation, there are also rumors percolating about a special Bronco trim package being finalized, called the Heritage Edition.

So far, company insiders have revealed precious little information. Still, talk inside the community leads us to believe that the Bronco Heritage will feature white exterior details, including a white grille, and trim pieces that resemble the original 1966 model. 

Some have also predicted that the Bronco Heritage will be wearing a Brittany Blue color (a popular choice back in the day), but we can't find any proof based on current ordering software for the 2022 model year.

The Heritage may also have its own unique wheel design and some special interior trim. Based on additional information being circulated, it's also safe to say that this model will sit on the top of the Bronco range, with an MSRP of over $50k.

Broncos At SEMA 2021

The 2021 SEMA show proved once again that it's the definitive event for the automotive aftermarket industry and the specialized companies that populate it. You likely know that SEMA attracts all the most pivotal names, worldwide, and that Ford has a strong track record of using this show to introduce numerous concepts and prototypes, as well as to promote new technologies and components.

This year, Ford's presence was in full force, with multiple models and premieres on display, including no less than six special and very unique Broncos -- all built with the help of partner companies.

Here they are:

Bronco RTR Fun-Runner

Customized by Vaughan Gittin Jr. and his RTR company, the Fun-Runner is 2.3-liter Badlands Bronco with some unique features. We're not just talking about a paint job and some exterior modifications -- this vehicle is equipped with some serious hardware, like a performance intake, Fox shocks, 37-inches tires, and new Dana off-road axles.

BDS Suspensions Bronco

While it's unfortunate, but understandable, that  Ford will not be offering a factory Bronco Pickup, BDS Suspensions went ahead and built one for SEMA 2021. This Bronco has a BDS Suspension (as you'd logically expect), a unique bumper set, Fox coil-overs, detachable sway bars, and an adjustable suspension kit based on the Black Diamond model.

Bronco By Tucci Hot Rods

Winter is coming, and what would be a better vehicle for ski trips than a Bronco equipped with Mattracks 88-Series quad tracks at all four corners. This is precisely what the people at Tucci Hot Roads thought when they introduced this insane Bronco. Even better, this ridiculously awesome vehicle is equipped with a 7-speed manual!


LGE – CTS Motorsports Bronco

In addition to these the extreme, off-road Broncos, we have an example of a little more “street-oriented” model coming from LGE – CTS Motorsports. This is a four-door Outer Banks model with a 3-inch suspension lift and a whole lot of interior modifications, upscale features, and a unique audio system. 


LGE – CTS Motorsports Bronco Sport Baja

Another very compelling concept from LGE was also displayed at Ford’s booth. It attracted a lot of attention, due to its unique combination of old-school and race-inspired livery and modern tech. The Bronco Sport got the off-road treatment with a lift kit, special exhaust, winch, light bar, and fender flares.


CGS Performance Bronco Sport

This Bronco Sport may not be as extreme as other Bronco concepts shown at this year’s SEMA, but it's an undeniably exciting exercise in subtle modification. It may look like a somewhat understated, "street-centric" vehicle, but it features respectable off-road upgrades like all-terrain tires, a modified suspension, and a performance exhaust.  

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