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Bronco Weekly #34

Bronco Weekly #34

Bronco Sport Just Outsold Ford Escape!

It has been beyond question for a while now that the Bronco Sport remains one of the most popular compact SUVs on the market today, but now we have the numbers to prove it.

In September, the Bronco Sport managed to outsell its in-house competitor, the Ford Escape, which is big news since it provides a clear indication of the market's direction. While it's built on the same platform as the Ford Escape, the Bronco Sport is a bigger, more capable, and perceptibly cooler proposition that comes in at a similar price.

Of course, a main component of the Bronco Sport's success on the market is that its production has not been riddled with delays and shortages -- at least not to the extent that Ford's 2021 Bronco has been.

We Now Know The When The Current Bronco Will be Due For a Refresh

Even though the current Bronco has been on the market for less than six months, a few days ago, the rumor began circulating in the off-road community that Ford has scheduled the model for a refresh in 2025.

While it might sound a bit premature, that's still a full three years from now, and it would put the Bronco's future revitalization schedule pretty much in sync with the current trends in the automotive industry. By the 2025 model year, the Bronco will be a four years old and would logically need a bit of modernization to keep with its competitors to remain relevant.

Ford is already anticipating that, in 2025, other brands will have introduced competing models in order to cash in on the increasing popularity of true off-road vehicles. That's why the Bronco will need a fresh appearance to stay  relevant. 

The Bronco Price Hike Continues

We've heard plenty of stories about insane dealer markups and just how hard (and expensive) it is to get your hands on a brand new 2021 Bronco. When you go to check the official pricing, you'll see that the base model starts under $30,000 MSRP, which seems thoroughly reasonable.

However, we doubt that you'll be able to actually find one at that price, since every advertised Bronco we encounter is going for far more money. In fact, at the moment, there are ten examples of Ford Broncos on Autotrader that are priced at $100,000 or more!

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