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Bronco Weekly #33

Bronco Weekly #33

 2022 Model Year Banks Opens On October 13th

Because of the series of delays and other problems that have come with it, 2021 could hardly be considered a normal model year for Ford Bronco production -- or for automotive production, in general.  So, Ford is putting greater emphasis on 2022 for the Bronco lineup. The company will introduce a couple of new colors and two entirely new variations of the model – the eagerly awaited Raptor and mystical Everglades.

In addition, the online order banks will open on October 13th. Thus far, there's  no word about  possible delivery dates -- and we already know that a sizable portion of the Broncos ordered this year will actually be delivered in 2022.

Nonetheless, it's good to know when you'll be able to get your order in on a 2022 model. 

2021 Bronco Nominated For Prestigious Award

Ford’s efforts focused on building advanced cars and creating innovative concepts have resonated with the automotive industry’s insiders of late, so much so that company was recently nominated for several prestigious awards.

The Mach E, Bronco Sport, and F-150 are all nominees for the 2022 North American Car, Truck and Utility of The Year Awards. A recent addition to this noteworthy lineup is the 2021 Bronco, which is now a strong contender for the 2022 North American Utility Of The Year Award.

Judging by the excitement surrounding the Bronco and the current popularity of the model, not to mention its proven off-road capabilities, we're sure that the Bronco has a fair chance of winning this title. 

This Budd Bronco Body Is For Sale

Even for knowledgeable Bronco enthusiasts, Budd Broncos may be a bit too obscure to be familiar with. The Budd Company was contracted by Ford to build the first Bronco prototypes and develop the body production techniques that would later be used by Ford’s own assembly plants.

In fact, when the official Bronco production process got under way in August of 1965, the first 200 bodies were made by Budd, not by Ford, and these were the first Broncos offered to the public for sale. Since then, these Bronco bodies have been considered a Holy Grail of the classic Bronco scene and are practically impossible to find.

So, imagine our surprise to find one on sale HERE. Although it's in very rough shape, has no drivetrain and features a fairly dilapidated interior, it's a fascinating piece of history, nonetheless.

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