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Bronco Weekly #32

Bronco Weekly #32

Bronco Sport Takes 1st Place In J.D. Power APEAL Study

With an overall 5th place finish, Ford scored reasonably well in this year’s JD Power studies. Models like the Mustang and Mach-E were also recognized for being unique and at the top of their class.

However, one Ford scored top honors -- the 2021 Bronco Sport -- which was recognized in the APEAL class. The 2021 Bronco Sport prevailed not only because it's a thoroughly quality product but, more importantly, it's a fresh take on the compact SUV class.

Also, it's a highly desirable model that can perform as a bona fide off-road vehicle, and not just an on-road everyday SUV. On top of all that, the Bronco Sport has attracted a lot of non-Ford buyers to the brand, thus expanding the manufacturer's market share.

All of the above makes it a clear winner and one of the most desirable compact SUVs out there.

A Rendering of the Recently Abandoned Bronco Pickup 

We were sad to hear that Ford's plans to develop a Bronco Pickup have been canceled . However, we have to admit that this decision was a reasonable one. A Bronco Pickup would no doubt cannibalize sales from several other Ford trucks and this would be something Ford just couldn't let happen.

Nevertheless, we can still play around with the idea of Bronco with the truck bed and YouTuber Sketch Monkey did just that. Using the template of a classic Bronco, he created a compelling vision of a new Bronco truck, and you can see the results for yourself here.


Ford Bronco Is Being Considered For Europe

According to Ford boss Jim Farley, the company is considering offering the Bronco lineup to European buyers. Even though the Bronco is about as American as it gets, it's received significant recognition in Europe. Most of its technology is already in use there in the form of the Kuga (Escape) and Ranger trucks.

So, entering the European market wouldn't necessarily be as hard as it would seem. However, the European market favors smaller engines and diesel units in its SUVs, so in order to be competitive, Ford would likely need to offer an oil-burner option for its Bronco range.  

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