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Bronco Weekly #31

Bronco Weekly #31

2021 Bronco First Edition Sold For $126,500 At Mecum Auction

Regardless of whether it's for a classic or brand new Bronco, current prices seem to be astronomical. In the case of new Broncos, dealer markups are especially huge in most cases, because of the model's incredibility desirability. 

We'll admit that we thought this would wind down after few months -- maybe right after that guy tried to sell his 2021 First Edition for $150k on eBay -- but it looks like price hikes are still very much a thing in the Bronco community. Just a few days ago, a First Edition Bronco in Cyber Orange that had logged a very light 185 miles  sold for a whopping $126,500 at the Mecum Dallas auction. That's double the MSRP price, plus a little change.

So far, Broncos appear to have a fantastic track record at auctions, since both the 2021 Bronco with VIN#001, and the legendary Big Oly Bronco had already scored prices of over $1 million.


Hot Pepper Red Is Brand New 2022 Color

While 2021 Bronco production hasn't quite yet resumed, Ford is already presenting the model's 2022 color palette. Following up on the gorgeous Eruption Green we saw earlier, we now have semi-official pictures of Hot Pepper Red, which is bound to be one of the more popular colors. It's a metallic red with just a little orange that becomes more prominent when exposed to direct sunlight, and it looks fantastic against the contrasting roof, black grille, and tinted windows.

Finally, Some Great News Regarding Roofs

After a long streak of bad news centered on Webasto and the hardtop situation, we finally have something good to report. An insider has reported that Ford is working day and night to replace the faulty roofs with improved brand new units and that production will resume soon. This replacement is currently taking place in the MOD center, which is right by the MAP (where Broncos are assembled), so the whole process is moving along as fast as possible.

The roofs are being tested in the manufacturing facility, and then inspected before they are shipped, so their quality is guaranteed.

Ford Had Started Shipping Roofs

Along with installing new roofs on the as-yet undelivered Broncos at MAP, Ford has also started shipping thousands of roofs to dealers all over the country. This is a big undertaking -- we're talking about at least 7500 units that need to be replaced and must arrive accompanied by instructions.

The testing has been done, these roofs are ready, and Ford is eager to get back on track as soon as possible. We're sure that that owners are, too. With this news, the promise of resumed production in October seems realistic.

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