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Bronco Weekly #30

Bronco Weekly #30

25% Of Bronco Owners Choose The Manual Transmission

As you probably already know, manual transmissions appear to be on their way out, since an overwhelming majority of the new vehicles offered today are produced only with automatic transmissions.

In light of this, it's a bit of welcome news that the effort Ford has put in to designing their singular 6+1 manual transmission as an option for 2021 Broncos is paying off, since 25% of customers are currently choosing this transmission. Contrast this with the automotive industry's 2020 statistics, which show that only 13% of all vehicles produced were equipped with manual transmissions. We can expect that figure to be even lower for 2021.

What's particularly interesting is the fact that the rate of Bronco buyers choosing the manual transmission is double the industry standard in a segment where manuals are nearly extinct. Even though true enthusiasts almost always openly advocate for manual transmissions, saying and doing are two separate things.  These Bronco statistics clearly show that buyers are actually stepping up and opting for vehicles configured this way. 

The Discount For the Bronco Sport Can Reach Up To $1,500

Due to the well-documented problems surrounding the current chip shortage, the market for new and used cars is crazy right now, and manufacturers are trying their best to cope with this unique situation. One of the ways they're doing this is to introduce a number of initiatives, and in Ford’s case, a recently announced program of a trade-in-cash-deal could save you up to $1,500 in some areas.

Almost all of Ford’s vehicles are now part of the initiative, but you should take action quickly, since the offer is expiring on September 30th. 

Bronco Production Will Be Limited In 2022

As it turns out, offering such a popular vehicle is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. With 125,000+ reservations, problematic production and constant delays, there's no way that Ford can deliver all those 2021 Broncos by the end of the year.

That's why the company recently announced that Bronco production will be limited in 2022. We expect this production to ramp up in a month or so, but it will take at least a full year before Ford can deliver on all of its already-ordered vehicles.

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