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Bronco Weekly #28

Bronco Weekly #28

Bronco Lineup Will Get New Colors For MY2022

After several weeks of sending out contradictory information that culminated just days ago, Ford has finally introduced two new colors for the 2022 model year. Hot Pepper Red Metallic and Eruption Green are welcome additions to a Bronco chart that will also lose some popular hues for next year's models.

Hot Pepper Red Metallic is cool-looking cooper orange color which will no doubt look great on the Bronco, but Eruption Green is what many Bronco fans were hoping for. Apparently, an enormous number of Bronco fans had been asking for for a variation on a green color, which hadn't been included in the 2021 lineup.

Even though, according to various surveys, the majority of new cars sold are either white, black, or gray, and green represents just 1% of the total, Ford decided to introduce the hue as a homage to the Mallard Green color, that was once a popular option on the first-gen Bronco. This hue is lighter than the Highland Green sometimes found on the Bullitt Mustang.

Unfortunately, Antimatter Blue, Lightning Blue Metallic, and Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat will disappear after the 2021 model year. 

Ford's New Crate Motor is Electric

It looks like the SEMA show in November will be a big one, and we can expect numerous Bronco concepts, Bronco-related products, and Ford's own premieres to be a big part of the schedule.

Ford's first significant show-related announcement has been revealed -- the unveiling of a new crate motor. Following in the footsteps of Chevrolet and its eCrate projects, Ford will introduce its own electric powerplant, which will be available to buy and install into anything you like.

Ford didn't reveal any specifications, but you can bet that some of those new electric motors will end up in Broncos -- both classic and new. Fans are speculating that the engine will be called the Eliminator, but this hasn't been confirmed thus far.

Bronco With Vossen Wheels

As you know, aftermarket wheels are big business, and manufacturers are lining up to offer their options for new Broncos. Most owners will choose dedicated off-road sets, but Vossen has just introduced very cool-looking 20-inch wheels in Terra Bronze color under the name HF6-4 that may also prove popular. It's not an off-road rated set of wheels -- that's not Vossen's focus --  but very cool, nonetheless.

Bronco Wildtrak Will Get a Soft Top As Standard For 2022.

Following the roof controversy and related problems with MIC tops that Bronco owners have experienced, Ford has been forced to make some changes in the future Bronco lineup.

This is why the Wildtrak variant will be delivered with a soft top -- just for the 2022 model year at this point. The soft-top is standard for the Wildtrak, but owners had been able to order them with plastic tops if they had wished to.

Does this mean that Ford will make soft tops standard for all models -- including the Wildtrak -- MIC tops, optional?

Bronco Hot Weather Testing

Even though the Bronco has already been released for sale to the public, Ford hasn't been consistently testing it in extreme conditions. This time around,  we have an official video from the deserts of the Middle East, where Ford's team is challenging the area's consistently hot weather conditions. And we really mean hot weather since the temperatures there can reach over 125 degrees!

Also, the Bronco is expected to be offered in selected markets in the region, so this is an excellent way to promote the model in its natural habitat, jumping dunes and looking good doing so.

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