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Bronco Weekly #27

Bronco Weekly #27

Ford Will Move Away From Existing Sales Model

A combination of the continued rise of online shopping, a global pandemic, and recent insane dealer markups for its hot new models have forced Ford's strategists to rethink its sales model.

Ford is clearly analyzing the Tesla sales concept, which relies heavily on an online approach, and has now offered a similar process to its Mach-E buyers. This doesn't mean that dealerships will be closed -- far from it, since they'll still bee needed to provide customers with service and support. Rather, it means that potential customers will deal more with Ford directly and less with the dealers.

Seeing how some dealers have already tried to take advantage of Bronco buyers, it's a smart move by Ford, as it helps protect the customer's interest and ultimately gives them a better and more secure deal.

July Sales/Production Figures

We all know that Ford is on a roll in 2021, despite the pandemic supply issues and a global chip shortage. However, with a lineup of very desirable cars and a market that remains hungry for new models, Ford can't keep its vehicles on  dealership lots.

The July sales and production figures are proof. First, the average price for a Ford SUV paid in July was $42,000, which is a record high and over $6,000 more than at the same time last year. In July, Bronco production was just over 6,000 units -- a solid number, but still behind the demand. More than 70% of current Bronco orders are coming from buyers who were not previously Ford customers. Overall, Ford sold over 120,000 vehicles in July, which is a significant number, but still more than 30% less than last year. The sales numbers have been greatly affected by the continuing chip shortage.

2022 Bronco Color Chart

Just recently, a leaked photo of the 2022 Bronco color chart was posted on several Bronco forums, as well as elsewhere online. Even though we expected that the color choices for the 2022 model year would be significantly expanded, it looks like we instead lost few hues, like Velocity Blue, Antimatter Blue, and Rapid red. Also, we had hoped for a shade of green to be added, as well as a few other color choices, but it seems that Ford is reducing the number of color options available for the 2022 model.

We're still hoping that new colors will be available for special models or that Ford will announce the expansion of its color chart later this year. 

Bronco Warthog Easter Egg Camouflage

You've probably seen all those paparazzi-style photos of cars being tested in their early developments stages while being draped with camouflaged wraps to hide their body lines and details. Car companies have been doing that for years, and since 2020, we've had numerous sightings of the upcoming high-performance Bronco Warthog in such a disguise.

It looks like the latest test mules and their camo coverings hide a coded message -- or "easter egg" as it's come to be known in popular culture. A closer look at the Warthog's wrap reveals numerous icons with specific meanings, and our friends at MotorTrend have managed to decipher most of them.


Lightning Bolt: Hybrid Bronco or fully Electric Bronco?

Goat: Bronco's Terrain Management System that offers seven G.O.A.T. modes.

Snowy Mountain: Black Diamond trim.

Another Snowy Mountain: Badlands trim.

Pine Trees: Mud/Ruts, one of the G.O.A.T. modes.

Boulders: Rock Crawl, one of the G.O.A.T. modes.

River: Outer Banks trim

Alligator: Everglades Green (or something to do with "Everglades"?).

American Flag: Bronco is built at Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant

Cactus: Sand, one of the G.O.A.T. modes.

Cactus and Sun: Baja, one of the G.O.A.T. modes.

Snorkel and Goggles: Air intake snorkel for deep water crossings.

Raining Cloud: Slippery, one of the G.O.A.T. modes.

Lasso: Cargo space tie-down hooks.


Instagram: Bronco is going to be revealed or highlighted on Instagram.

Axe, Map Plot Trail, Bubbles, Camp Fire, Wind, Compass:?

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