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Bronco Weekly #26

Bronco Weekly #26

2021 Bronco Whistle

The cumulative problems with the Bronco tops (in all of their forms) are now too big to ignore. Ford currently has its hands full of sorting out issues that range from damaged soft tops, delaminating and crooked hardtops, and a delay in the production of MOD tops.

But there's now another strange issue that numerous owners have reported. Apparently, on some trim levels (Big Bend and Outer Banks), there's a whistling noise coming from the front grille, hood and soft top that becomes especially noticeable above 30mph (some say 50 mph).

It looks like hood seals are the problem and Ford already released an internal memo and has scheduled the installation of improved hood seals starting on October 2021. Also, we believe that this fix will be available from the dealer as well.


Ford Is Reporting $1.1 Billion Profit in Q1

Although Ford, like most car manufacturers, has been hit hard by both the global pandemic and computer chip shortage, it could still achieve high profits in the first quarter of 2021. Interestingly, the number of vehicles Ford has delivered is down since the chip shortage limited the sales, but profit numbers are up for several reasons.

Ford has had several very successful premieres in the last year and a half. Models like the Bronco, Bronco Sport, Maverick, Mach E, and F150 Lighting are all generating enormous interest from customers, as well as hundreds of thousands of reservations, and orders. We can expect the numbers to go even higher when more vehicles finally get delivered and production returns to pre-Covid levels. We're sure that Ford shareholders are very happy about all this.

The Bronco Production Is Returning To Normal

After MAP experienced a two-week shut-down period, Bronco production returned to normal at the beginning of August. By this Monday, daily output had reached about 500 to 550 complete vehicles. MAP is now employing two shifts per day, and Saturday shifts may be included later this month. Many vehicles still await completion, and it looks like Ford had already secured a steady hardtop supply, although its quality is questionable.

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