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Bronco Weekly #24

Bronco Weekly #24

Ford Admits That the 2021 Bronco Will Have an Explorer Transmission

A few weeks ago, even before the first Broncos were delivered, the car community was puzzled by conflicting reports about the 10-speed automatic that would be used in the new off-roader. At first, everybody thought that the Bronco would be getting the same gearbox Ford uses in the F-150 -- which is a 10R80, a slightly older design.

Instead, Ford has opted for the 10R60, which is the same one used in the Explorer. While the 10R60 is a bit lighter, more modern, and shifts faster, off-road fans are concerned that it will be durable enough to withstand the level of torture it's likely to receive on the trail.

Some customers also strongly suspect that this is the reason for the Bronco's relatively low tow capacity ratings. This camp believes that Ford should instead use the older 10R80 transmission, which has proven dependable in real world conditions, and sacrifice a few milliseconds of shift time for more tow capacity and proven durability.

Hennessey Performance VelociRaptor 400 Bronco

Those well-known performance maniacs from Texas are back with another Bronco build. This time it's still not the V8-powered Bronco (we've yet to see) but instead a slightly more conventional VelociRaptor 400 model, which will use a stock drive train that's been tuned to deliver 405 hp and a sub 5 second 0 to 60 mph time.

This Bronco is based on a four-door Badlands model and costs around $80,000, including the base vehicle's price. Apart from engine tuning, the VelociRaptor 400 Bronco will include numerous other custom touches and details. Like all Hennessey Performance vehicles, this model will also be very exclusive, with a 2021 production cap set at 200 units.

If you're interested, you can order one through a Ford dealer or directly from Hennessey Performance.

Young Hollywood Star Is Personally Restoring Her Bronco

We already know that classic Broncos, both stock and modified, have been extremely popular with Hollywood stars for several years now. In fact, this group, along with the prevalence of celebrity culture in general, are big reasons why first-gen Broncos are so expensive nowadays.

But from what we can tell, these stars don't seem to work on their cars themselves, with a notable exception. Sydney Sweeney, a 23-year old Hollywood star, obviously isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and ruin an expensive manicure.

Apart from being an acclaimed actress with several popular TV shows and movies to her credit, Sydney is also a classic Bronco fan.  Recently she was given a rusty 1969 Bronco and immediately started restoring it while at the same time starting the classic SUV's own social media profile dedicated to repairing and refurbishing classic cars. Who said that millennials would kill car culture?

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