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Bronco Weekly #22

Bronco Weekly #22

Another Delay In Bronco Production

The entire off-road community was ecstatic when  2021 Bronco production was finally announced and when this model was given OKTB (OK To Buy) status  from Ford. The hype reached the next level when the first rave reviews were published and when a few lucky owners got their hands on brand new 2021 Broncos.

However, after a few good news reports, we 've just recently received a bad one. It looks like the MAP (Michigan Assembly Plant) will be idle for two weeks during the summer, due to an unspecified part shortage. The manufacturer will not say what kind of parts are in short supply, but we know it doesn't pertain to roofs or chips. The shutdown will start on the July 5th and will last until  July 26th, 2021.

This isn't terrible news, but it is kind of disappointing, since we all felt like the production delays were behind us. 

The Metal Roof Option Is Delayed Until 2023

The modern Bronco is envisioned to have three roof options – soft top, plastic hardtop, and metal hardtop. However, the metal hardtop is at least two years away from becoming a production reality. Apparently, Ford has had problems with related supply chains -- most specifically metal hardtop manufacturers --which has led to this delay.

If you want this feature, you'll have to wait until late 2022 to order the 2023 model. At the moment, no color options, prices, or any other info is available. 

Ford Is Educating Its Customers, As Well As Its Dealers at the Bronco Off-Roadeo

Ford’s Bronco Off-Roadeo ranch has proven to be a smashing success, not only with Bronco owners but also with members of the press, who had the chance to experience the latest Blue Oval SUV at the location just outside of Austin. Now Ford is planning to use these facilities to promote the capabilities of its new off-roader while educating its dealers.

Although the hype surrounding the new Bronco and Bronco Sport is enormous, Ford managers realized that not all dealers are aware of what the Bronco can do. After all, some of them have never even sold a Bronco, since the last generation of the model was discontinued in 1996.

That's why Ford is making special presentations for its dealers to help them realize just how capable this product is -- and not just for the off-road segment.


Bronco Sasquatch Overland?

Automotive photographers had been so focused on the Bronco Warthog (aka Raptor) that they almost missed another interesting prototype from Dearborn. Apparently, Ford is working on another special version, with Overland features like a snorkel on the right side of the windshield (masked but visible) and a dedicated off-road stance. It looks like this version will be more rock crawler than desert runner, and it seems it might be equipped with a hybrid powertrain. However, there's currently no concrete information nor release date available.  

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