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Bronco Weekly #20

Bronco Weekly #20

Ford’s Body Shop Is Ramping Up The Production Of Bronco Bodies

After all the delays Bronco fans have been facing over the last year or so, there's finally some good news. Sources close to Ford’s engineers have reported that the body shop in Ford’s assembly plant has been very busy lately and that the number of Bronco bodies now completed equals that of the number of Ranger bodies produced.

This means that previous assembly line challenges have been overcome and production should just increase from here. We're talking about 120 complete Bronco bodies per day, and that's expected to increase to over 150 per day as soon as next week.

But there's more. Since the demand for Bronco is enormous, Ford is hoping to eventually attain a daily output of more than 1000 complete bodies once other production segments are stable. Ford is determined to keep up with these production plans, so we can expect those numbers to appear later this year. 

Motor Trend Thinks The Bronco Sport Has a Misleading Name

Motor Trend has been a big supporter of the Bronco/Bronco Sport duo ever since Ford announced its return. However, in its latest piece, Motor Trend journalists have noted that they believe the Bronco Sport carries a somewhat misleading name.

Apparently, they think that, due to the full-size Bronco being late to arrive, customers have become confused, as they keep hearing about the great new Bronco, but all they can see is Bronco Sport which, though undeniably capable, is not the definitive Bronco model.

Some have even confused the Bronco with the Raptor, which seems pretty hard to believe.

Here's the complete article. Tell us what you think.

There are a Number of Uncertainties Surrounding the Bronco Warthog, but that Front Grille is For Sure.

The controversies about the Bronco Warthog have been piling up, and there are things we thought we knew, but aren't so sure about now. The first of these centers on the Warthog name itself. Apparently,  Warthog is just a prototype name at present, and there's a chance that Ford might re-label it as the Raptor when it goes on sale in the late 2022/2023 model year.

Second, we've been guessing that it will be powered by a 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 with 450 hp, but the newest spy photos showed high-voltage cables underneath the car, which means that it could end up being a hybrid, a development unintentionally leaked by a recent edition of its user manual. 

One thing we do know for sure is that the upcoming Super Bronco will have a unique grille with big FORD letters upfront, just like the Raptor. A recently leaked parts memo shows what it would look like.

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