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Bronco Weekly #2

Bronco Weekly #2

New Colors Coming For 2022 Model Year

Even though the 2021 Bronco buyers are still waiting for their vehicles, Ford officially announced new colors for the next model year. When the first pictures started circling the internet of pre-production 2021 models, people were stunned by Area 51 flat gray or Cyber Orange or that fantastic deep metallic blue available only on higher trim levels.


According to a recent tweet by Mike Levine, Ford's North American Product Communications Manager, there will be some changes in the Bronco color lineup for the model year 2022. There are some talks about introducing a completely new graphics package, few flat or matte paints, and even discontinuing some of the popular colors from MY 2021. Mr. Levine said that he is unsure if the well-known and eye-catching Cyber Orange will still be available in 2022.

The Sasquatch Package Will Be Available With 7-Speed Manual.

When Ford released the initial spec sheet for 2021 Bronco, the ultra-capable and impressive Sasquatch Package was listed with automatic only, and 7-speed manual transmission wasn't even an option. This wasn't well received with the hard-core off-road fans who wanted the well-sorted Sasquatch-equipped models but with manual transmission for a complete off-road experience. The standard transmission is a 7-speed manual, which is cool since manuals are mostly abandoned in the SUV market.


However, this manual is a "6+1" type, which means it has six regular gears and one super-low gear for crawling. Whether you are in high or low range, you can shift into "7th" (dogleg position on the shift pattern) and have an 11:1 gear ratio, ideal for pulling heavy trailers uphill, rock crawling, or getting out of the muddy ditch. Fortunately, due to pressure from the buyers, Ford offered this transmission to be paired with a super capable Sasquatch package, including heavy-duty suspension bits, locking front and rear differentials, and special shocks.

Ford Bronco EV?

Since the introduction of the Mach E, electric SUV with Mustang-inspired design and an upcoming electric version of the F-150 pickup, we know the Ford is heavily involved in the electric vehicle revolution. The inevitable question that is on everyone's mind is the Ford Bronco next?


So far, none of Ford's executives are giving any information, and when asked if Bronco EV is in the cards, no straight answer was given. However, to reengineer the vehicle to accept the electric drive train, battery pack, and the rest of the mandatory technology requires substantial investment as well as a lot of R&D time. If Ford is planning to do so, it must have already started with the development. So, if you see a Ford Bronco mule without an exhaust system, you know what is up.

Finally, Complete Order Guide and Accessory List For the 2021 Bronco

The crucial evidence that the 2021 Bronco is finally coming is releasing the complete order guide and accessory list for the 2021 model. This official document has every trim level explained as well as optional extras for each one of them.


You can see every piece of equipment Ford designed for a new model, expect few things like tire option and winch which are designated late arrival. You can download the complete guide HERE and see the options and prices for yourself. Let us save you the trouble; the most expensive piece of extra equipment you can get is the retractable twill soft top by Bestop for $2,229.

Here Are All the Wheel Options For 2021 Bronco

We already know that the base wheel size is 16-inch and goes to 18-inch in higher trim levels. The tire size starts at 255/70R16 and follows with 255/75R17, 255/70R18, 265/70R17, or 285/70R18. In most cases, you will get all-terrain tires, but mud-spec tires are optional. However, we didn't know what kind of wheels you will be getting. The base wheels and standard on lower trim levels are steel 16-inch, but Ford really offered some exciting choices. Here they are:


All 2021 Bronco Will Be Capable of Flat Towing

If you are a dedicated off-road enthusiast, you know that flat towing is a big deal. Some vehicles have that capability, and some don't, and if you attempt it, you might damage the transfer cases and gearbox, and it could be very costly to sort out. However, the 2021 Bronco is one of the vehicles which could be flat towed regardless of the transfer case it is equipped with and transmission option. Of course, be sure to follow manufacturers' suggestions when you attempt something like this.

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