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Bronco Weekly #19

Bronco Weekly #19

2021 Bronco User Manual Is Ready For Download

It has been a bumpy road, but it finally looks like we are getting very close to the first Broncos being delivered to patient customers. A few days ago, the 2021 Bronco User Manual was leaked and downloaded HERE. Compared to some other similar manuals, 2021 Bronco’s is huge with 552 pages of information, pics, and explanations of how to do everything with your vehicle. We also heard rumors of the 2021 Bronco Workshop Manual being leaked, and we will deliver the download link for that as soon as it became available. In the meantime, you can download this and prepare.


Ford Is Offering $1000 To Customers Who Are Willing To Wait

The global chip shortage is getting worse before it gets better, and manufacturers are doing their best to cope with the problems. This means making as many cars as possible but still trying not to lose the customers who ordered their vehicles and are very hesitant to get them. In a recent initiative, Ford announced it offers its buyers $1000 off the price if they are willing to wait. At the moment, this includes F-150, Mustang, and other Ford models but does not apply to Mach E, Bronco, or Bronco Sport. Basically, the three hottest models Ford has at the moment.

Ford Just Bought A Jeep Gladiator

Eagle-eyed paparazzi photographers who are always on the lookout for masked cars in development phases recently spotted a Jeep Gladiator wearing manufacturer plates and entering Ford’s facility near Detroit. At first glance, nothing special about that, but then you realize that Ford actually bought a Gladiator and has been benchmarking and studying it for purposes of making the future Bronco Pickup better. It is common practice amongst car manufacturers when developing a new model. They often pick the best vehicle in a particular segment and benchmark it during the development, trying to see what are its strengths and weaknesses and how they can improve it. This means that Ford is in the middle of Bronco Pickup genesis and will see this version of the upcoming SUV sometime in the future.  

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