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Bronco Weekly #18

Bronco Weekly #18

Upcoming Bronco Warthog Might Not Be Called That

For over a year, we know that the new generation Bronco will be having a high-performance version set to arrive in late 2022 or early 2023. The leaked photos of test mules started circulating the web, and soon, Ford's insiders revealed the name – "Warthog." Ford even trademarked the Warthog name, and we thought that this would be the final. However, recent rumors show that Ford is having second thoughts and leaning more towards more familiar names. The success of Mach E, which owes a lot to Mustang fame, showed that new products need to have a familiar name so the customers can relate to that.

This means that Raptor name is back in the game, and that upcoming model might be called Bronco Raptor, which was something that everybody expected when the first spy photos were revealed. The Bronco Raptor sounds logical since it will be a high-performance version of standard Bronco. However, we still believe that Warthog is pretty cool. Since we suspect that the upcoming Bronco will be coming in two flavors (Hybrid and 3.0-liter Ecoboost), maybe one will be called Warthog, and the other will be Raptor? What do you think?

Electric Bronco Will Be Coming In The Next Four Years?

Ford's attempts to electrify its range are amongst the most significant in the industry, and the company has some pretty ambitious plans. When the 2021 Bronco was announced, everybody started speculating if and when the EV version will be revealed. The appearance of the F-150 Lightning just a few days ago intensified those rumors. However, nobody knew for sure, and nobody could tell if something like electric Bronco is really going to happen. We have covered this topic extensively, and we will continue to do so as soon as new information is available. However, in a recent shareholder event, Ford's Chief Product Platform and Operations Officer Hau Thai-Tang was caught standing next to something that looks like EV Bronco. Of course, this is just a rendering, but the contours are very suggestive, and the spare wheel in the back is a Bronco-only feature.


2021/2 Bronco Break-In Period

Even though most modern cars don't require break-in periods, some still do, and it mostly down to engine and drive train components. Regardless of what the user manual tells you, it would be best always to take it easy when you get a new car. In the case of 2021/2 Ford Bronco, the company is asking the new owners to allow a 1,000-mile break-in period. During that time, Ford is urging that the owners avoid aggressive driving, hard braking, high speed, and towing. The break-in is required to properly settle in the engine's internals, bedding the piston rings, and hone the cylinder walls. If you follow the manufacturer's instructions, it can significantly affect the engine's longevity, oil consumption, and performance. 

Badlands Vs. Wildtrack

One of the two most popular trim levels for 2021 Bronco are Badlands and Wildtrack. Ford is marketing the Badlands as the most capable Bronco. Still, it doesn't come with a competent Sasquatch package, including heavy-duty suspension bits, locking front and rear differentials, and unique shocks. This trim level starts at $43,590 and has a bare-bones interior (washable rubber floor). However, it comes with some pretty trick suspension components like hydraulic front sway-bar disconnect and aggressive tires. The steel front and rear bumpers are part of this trim. The Wildtrack is more of a desert runner, and it starts at $50k, providing the owners with a Sasquatch off-road package and 2.7-liter V6 as standard. The heated cloth seats are included, but you can opt for leather. The Wildtrack comes with different graphics, and it is recognizable for its big 35-inch off-road tires. How do those two trim levels compare in the real world? Here is the video: 

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