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Bronco Weekly #17

Bronco Weekly #17

The Bronco First Edition and VIP Production Will Go As Planned

The automotive world has been gripped by a global chip shortage that has affected all kinds of companies and their production schedules. Bronco production stopped, and Ford announced a two to three-week delay, which means that most Bronco customers will be experiencing a delay in receiving their cars.

However, the Ford Michigan assembly plant won't be stopping -- even during the chip shortage -- and instead will be producing 7,000 First Edition models, as well as a few hundred (to a thousand) VIP Bronco orders.

These VIP orders or Bronco Priority Orders, as they are called, are part of Ford's internal program, designed to allow certain dealers to receive specific vehicles early and deliver them to customers. The only requirement for the program is that the vehicle in question had to have been ordered before March, 19th  2021.

The idea is to have specific VINs moved to the front of the cue and produced early. The Priority Order Program will only be in place for 2021 Bronco models, regardless of their spec, engine, and trim, and will not be available for 2022 (and later) models. If you want more information, here is a complete article

2021 Bronco Gets Prestigious Design Award 

Even though the 2021 Bronco hasn't even reached the first customers yet, it has already stirred the car industry with its amazing retro-futuristic design. We've already been aware of just how great the 2021 Bronco looks, but now it's official, since Ford has just been awarded the prestigious F Design Gold Award by iF International Forum Design GmbH.

What's even more impressive is the fact that Bronco's design was chosen among 10,000 entries in the industrial design field from all over the world and was the highest-scoring design of 75 finalists. Interestingly, the Bronco design was given the gold award by a German company, even though the Bronco will not be sold in Europe.

Bronco Conquers The Hell's Gate In Reverse!?

Hell's Gate has long been of the most popular and most challenging off-road courses in the world and a favorite proving ground for all all-terrain SUVs. Ford had already climbed it without any problems, but now the Bronco crew managed to do it in reverse! It sounds incredible, but here's the proof!

Roush Bronco Spotted?

We all know that the upcoming Bronco will be a tuner's dream, with all of its available modifications and the potential to be transformed in any way you desire. Naturally, companies like Hennessey have already announced plans for their models, and we can expect that other Ford tuners will do the same.

Recently, somebody noticed a black 4-door Bronco with a Roush sticker on the site, indicating that the famous Mustang tuner is probably considering introducing a high-performance Bronco of its own.

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