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Bronco Weekly #16

Bronco Weekly #16

Ford Will Probably Add The Third Shift in Q4

Unfortunately, the Bronco is no stranger to production delays, since its production has already experienced several of them, frustrating both eager fans and Ford’s executives. But after the latest two-week delay at the very beginning of the production cycle, Ford is getting ready to ramp up assembly by adding a third shift later this year.

As you probably know, there are more than 130,000 orders for the 2021 model, and Ford will likely not be able to produce them all during the course of this year. So, in order to produce as many units as possible while still maintaining a high build quality, Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant will not take its customary summer break and will instead add a third shift in Q4. This means that after things settle down after the current global chip shortage, Ford’s Bronco operation will run 24 hours a day, literally. We can expect that Bronco assembly will resume in late May.

Traxxas Bronco

It looks like toy companies are having much better luck than Ford with successfully creating and selling 2021 Broncos. After Hot Wheels, Maisto and Lego got things started, we now have another brand name manufacturer that has entered the Bronco game – the renowned RC giant, Traxxas. This Texas-based company is well-known for its radio-controlled models that are much more than just mere toys.

With Ford's approval, Traxxas has produced an amazingly realistic miniaturized version of the 2021 Bronco, so realistic in fact that we initially thought it was an actual vehicle with slightly bigger tires on it. It has a working suspension that's pretty much a copy of the 1:1 Bronco, and a sturdy chassis. Just look how cool it is and how capable it is on the dirt -- just like the real thing.


How To Fit 35 or 37-inch Rubber On The 2021 Bronco

One of the first things almost all off-roading new owners of the Bronco will do is change out the rubber on their rides. This simple but effective modification will completely change the Bronco's driving dynamics while providing significantly more off-road usability.

However, there are a few things you should know if you're planning on switching to 35 or massive 37-inch tires. Watch below:


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